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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Things that would be nice:
An mp3 of Yoshimitsu saying "Well done!" in his slightly sarcastic tone in Soul Calibur 2.
A [stolen] sign saying "Thieves shall be prosecuted".
A copy of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. DVD or downloaded.
Those durned shoes, and a nice jacket.
A simpler phone. This will be remedied on Monday or Tuesday?
The Divine Comedy's album. Download, and if good, acquire.

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Ah! When is the new DC album out? is it out already? I must find out if it's getting the same release date here..! thanks for the reminder. :)

Named "Absent Friends", released on 29th March '04 over here.

awr, just checked, not out here until May 4. you lucky Brits!

I've seen it in't shops! I'll probably end up buying it eventually. When I have money, or something resembling it.

Some shops take bits of string.

Though these shops go bankrupt frequently.

I'd just like to add this to that list, but in XXL and not costing £20. So I could both afford it, and it would fit me.

They're often in sales on Gameplay; I obtained that very shirt (well, in a smaller size than you require) for £15.

Apparently, one of their retail partners is River Island. Try telling that to the River Island down the road from our office, they've never even heard of JJ.

I envy your ability to wear smaller sizes than I require. Knowing me, I'd hang the shirt on the wall as motivation to lose weight so I could wear it one day.

I want a sign like that. Or a men at work sign for my bedroom door. I have one that says "upper level" that i stole from a car park...

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