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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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The life, on so many levels!
It's been a strange day. There are positives to it: I've picked up a new coat, changed my phones around so I have a basic phone (a Sagem MyX2, it's a small brick to me) on the tariff I desired (Virgin - supercheap texts to other Virgin phones being a major selling point) and I'll have £25 on the phone from the off. That'll last me a very long while.

"No more Siemens for me, I prefer Virgin" jokes may not start now.

I also picked up a nice coat, with more pockets than one could ever desire (well, six) from Millets. I could have waited until I saw Shaz (she told me she could have got me a discount on these things) but no matter, it was as useful a time as any to pick one up: the heavens have opened in Enfield today. However, Jess, I ended up with an indigo coat and not the Eggman-red design you found amusing.

Speaking of Jess, a present from her arrived today. It was a CD, created by OneUp Studios and entitled "The Very Best of Sega". It is a very pleasant album too.

A few negatives to the day also, though. I have to admit, my plan of the month has been an absolute failure. My intentions of spending lavishly have proved one thing... I can't; I live my life as a thrifty person, who will attempt to look after the pennies and set up for his pension in a few years' time.

How droll a failure that is, really. Boo hoo I can't spend money.

I also have a small hill of work to do here, everything returned today to detag. This shall leave me with an interesting hour and a half before I head for home. Time to get started!

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Spending money on me is never a bad thing. ^_^

Never had a bloody chance, you shoved money into my hands for the pizzas!

This will change.

Hee. :)

You couldn't have payed for all three of us, though!

I had £30 in my pocket, Mum had given me £10 for her pizza: I'd have had enough. Definitely would given Gareth gave me £20 before you guys departed.

I don't like spending money, but I have to do it because losing weight is a very expensive habit, especially when clothing retailers decide to charge $20 for something that obviously cost $5 or less to make! These days, a $20 pair of jeans is a good price for me, but I still see some that sell for $40 - several hundred dollars. D:

Anyway, that was random and off-topic. :] You know you enjoy it.

Just like you enjoy Virgin instead of Siemens.

Of course I do!

I've seen jeans in our local supermarket for about $20 after conversion. When I have things that're comfortable and nice, why should I bother to pay more?

Ohh I have a Sagem My X-2...it has Kylie as the ringtone...I'm sooo sad :|

No it's not! Silly dearie.

Hehe, I love that icon :D

You've several decent icons yourself.

Hehe, I need more, I'm working on 'em, but I don';t seem to have the time or the batteries for my digital camera, hehehe.

No batteries? Bit of a weak excuse, isn't it?

Seriously, might be worth picking some batteries up and having some fun, to get your mind off the meanie.

LOL, I used the batteries for something else, LOL.

I will get some, and when I do I'll play with it, erm my camera, heeeeee.

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