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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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This evening I have decided that I shall stay up late conversing about the fact very few people put effort into AIM profiles and The Divine Comedy's latest album, which I had downloaded overnight. And for those who were curious, the album's excellent, it even features a Speak & Spell in one of the tracks. That brought out the easily-amused geek in me. I'll buy the CD just to store it away. I hate downloading albums without offering renumeration to artists who deserve it.

I am currently 37% from having downloaded Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. How nifty!

Tomorrow I register that phone, and I have the evening to ultimately look forward to, when I shall watch Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind. I can tell already this is a film I will enjoy excessively.

I really should be asleep by now.

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I'm not even entirely sure how I'd go about creating an AIM profile, given that I'm going through Trillian. Even if I do know, though, I doubt I'd really do anything with it. I haven't updated my LJ profile since the first time I filled it out, and I've not bothered with the Interests or Memories stuff at all.

Anyway, have you listened to JoeyLittleLight.mp3 yet?

Ah, via Trillian I'm not sure there is a way to do anything...

I hate downloading albums without offering renumeration to artists who deserve it.

That's very noble of you. I feel rather similar about this subject. I actually spend loads more money on buying cds now since I started downloading music, so I feel like the piracy thing shouldn't even be an issue. But I guess you and I are probably the minority when it comes to these things..

anyway, I shall be putting that album down on my "to buy" list!

I try to do this. I don't prefer to have tangible copies of things, I just want to show appreciation to the artists who've produced what I enjoy.

It was a catchy and mildly pompous album: just like the good old days.

Ooh, I never bother buying albums because I'm a cheapskate (unless I'm in Italy and have lots of money!)

Wow. :)

I wonder if she's an actual trolley...?

Bah. Who even reads AIM profiles?

I could come up with something seriously witty and intelligent... if AIM let you use messages more than 2 WORDS LONG.

You could come up with something grand, yeah. I like the idea of the AIM profile, though: it forces you to be concise in explaining who you are.

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