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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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I sense a problem.
Le sigh!
Another film watched, another mild headache developed whilst watching it. I shall have to remember to take aspirin with me when I go to watch a film, if this trend continues. The film - Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind - was entertaining. The majority of the company I was with found it a bit bland at times, and really didn't like the beginning of it - but that part drew me in. I don't see films as a form of escapism; I enjoy it when characters are believably human. I know that's not why some people want to see films, and for those, this film will irk them.

One thing I adore watching is when a comedian plays a straight role, while 'insanity' happens around them. Carrey in The Truman Show was wonderful, and he played this role in Eternal Sunshine just as well. Bill Murray in Lost in Adaptation was well-perfomed too. It's just something about that style that amazes me. At least one of the group who watched it with me agreed on this, heh. A fair few people also walked out of the film, but then the tickets were free and if they expected Jim Carrey to be Mr. Funnyman, I know why they might. The types that left were rather chav-like, to whom this film would have whooshed well over their baseball caps and gold chains. As for me, I'll buy this film when it comes out on DVD. I found it thought-provoking, hence why I left writing about this until the morning. I wanted to think more about the film; I'd have spoilt this film for others if I'd written about this last night.

I've begun to get to grips with my phone, though I am sensing it is going to be used primarily for texting given what's happened so far. That's fine, I suppose.

I downloaded the Mojib Ribbon soundtrack after synnah directed me towards it - thanks for that, chap! I'm going to have a listen to that tonight, whilst sorting out the mp3s I've got. It's going to be a nice quiet day, because the weather outside looks awful. I'd planned to go to London to take a t-shirt back, for Jess' benefit. No luck today with this weather. Ah well.

I also need to call Shaz. I've been selfish in my time and not really talked to her recently. That's not right of me, though I assumed she's been busy with her work and all. I need to think more about these things.

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It looks like a really interestnig film. If I ever get my bloody card sorted I will go!

While Murray has a huge degree of control so that I can enjoy him in just about anything, Carrey is very hit and miss for the exact reasons yu mention. The wild-ass-funny-whoo-spa-doing-YEAH! act bugs the shit out of me, yet when he's placed under a good director, he is capable of a much more touching performance. His part in The Truman Show was far more endearing than say Ace Ventura, while The Cable Guy used the fact we were aware of his (achem) "wacky" persona to creep us out. I'm actually quite looking forward to Eternal Sunshine, but that's as much to do with it being written by Charlie Kaufmann.

I think we think very similarly here. I always thought Carrey would be great for a Kaufman movie; that he would produce a wonderful performance.

I couldn't but help and watch it three times. I have come to cherish the film not only for the "sanity" Carrey held throughout the insanity surrounding his reality, but also for the pure concept of the film. Truman is what drew me into him; Eternal Sunshine has jaded me in a way while at the same time opening up streams of thought I could honestly say never rose through me.

It made me cry, too.

How could one not love the beginning? I don't know, the first time I saw it alone and soaked it in without another's thoughs interferring. I saw it with my coworker who is all about these abstract-thought films. Then I saw it with my ex whom I thought would appreciate it but instead found it irked him. Ah well, can't win them all.

You're in England, I can't call you as much as it'd be fun to chitchat. When are you online? (and what's the time difference for that matter???)

Well, I will watch it again when it comes out properly, that's for sure. I sense it'll get a better audience too, who won't walk out because they had to pay for it.

Have you watched the other Charlie Kaufman movies? They really do allow you to sit back and think about things differently.

I'm online... well, way too much. Give me a username to contact you on whichever messaging program you use (if you're not keen on letting others see this name, post it as a comment, then delete the comment) and I'll be around to pester you.

I used to hate Jim Carrey. The brainless 'comedy' films just put me right off him.

The Truman Show really, really surprised me, though. Aside from the fact that it's such a clever and well-directed, Carrey was absolutely BRILLIANT in it. It completely changed my opinion of the man, and if Eternal Sunshine (sounds like a Gamecube crossover) has him cast in a role where he can exhibit the same level of talent, I definitely have to see it.

I enjoy it when characters are believably human.


That's the reason why I don't enjoy so many new films... they just seem to have forgotten about realism. I just can't get into a film as much when the characters are utterly contrived and hard to believe...

I'd like to show you some Hitchcock, you know. =)

Liar Liar was the film which made me think "He can actually do serious well, between the slapstick," and the Truman Show blew me away. It was one of the few films we had to assess in Media Studies lessons, that never got boring to watch.

You did show me some Hitchcock, if I recall. Still, seeing more wouldn't be bad at all.

I burned the Mojib Ribbon soundtrack to a disc and I've been listening to it a lot today. From what I can tell, the game turns the Japanese characters you draw into synthesised speech, so you have computerised rapping. And it's really quite catchy.

Pray for a Western release.

I have to admit, I deleted it. It'll sound fun when you play it, but it does nothing for me when I listen to it.

Hmm. Fair enough!


Yeah. I agree. The Truman Show was the one that showed to me the versitality of Carrey. It's a wonderful film. Also 'The Majestic' sort of teetered around that similar edge, but perhaps not as infamously known given the unique concept of the plot of The Truman Show.

Nonetheless, I know for a fact that thanks to the little experience I've had on stage that I hold a great deal of respect for actors and actresses of this calibre. These are the kind of films I started to warm to far from the films I used to love as a kid simply because the visuals were stunning. To me, good characters, good story and timing (and well, yes perhaps the art of the film) is what compels me a lot.
I really want to see that film...Heheh as well as Kill Bill. I shall have to get that DVD real soon before volume 2 comes.

re: Kill Bill, if you wanted to get it before Volume 2 comes out, you'll have to get it today.

See that's the thing Dean; I love Jim Carrey, especially in the Truman Show, and thought I'd love this, and while I certainly didn't hate it, I thought itwas a bit tiresome. What got me was the advertising for this film - the trailer made it look a lot more cheerful! Bit of false advertising there. ;) But I loved the way it was filmed and everything, and I would NEVER walk out of a film, those fools. Did you hear the women get to the door in there and shout "Save yourselves!" ;D

I have to admit though, I am definitely one of those 'escapism film-watchers'. :) That's the point of film, for me - if I want realism, I'll go outside! But I also love films that make me think, so it's a weird blend!

Hey, did you get my text about Friday, and the film times, btw?

Oh, I never see much advertising. What I saw... let me think... was that solitary ad we saw when we watched Shaun of the Dead, I think. And it seemed like it was trying to sound cheery but the way Carrey looked quite manic at parts I felt it was going to have some twist somewhere, and it was going to be pleasant in places, but generally the complete opposite.

I heard that woman, and the man that said "Rubbish!" What nice people!

I got a text. Film's on at 11, but get there well before. Say, 10:20-10:30, I guess. Truth be told, I'm feeling a bit sickly today anyway so if you get a text tonight saying I'm still feeling bad you know I'm not coming along. If I'm still feeling like I am right now, I'll probably leave it at one film this time.

Well, what do you expect of those Enfield chavs? ;)

Ohno, aren't you? Well I hope you fel better for tomorrow - don't worry about not seeing the other film, I don't really know anything about it, but was gonna see it anyway (and we might not even make it out in time, depending on how long Kill Bill is) But yeah, keep taking the pills! :D

The pills make me happy!

Did Tom give you them? *laughs* ;)

Yes, because they work so well for him.

Just don't take too many I guess...;) (kiss)

Oh, wait, am I too late?

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