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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Wayward commenting!
mikkyx, any idea why I may not be getting email? I always feel guilty when I ask you about this. Everything just blurted through right now!

Saw Kill Bill Volume 2 with Astrid, Trudi, Mariane and David. Wasn't bad at all, wasn't anything special though. Too many hints were placed regarding to things that happened. Mariane dropped me home again, which was very nice of her, and now I am... well, a little bored. I'm watching snooker and was eating cherry cake (I've now had saveloys and chips brought home, mmm!) And... I might watch Priscilla, Queen of the Desert now, given it's all downloaded. I have a few hours to kill until I head off to Nan's, nothing else sounds as fun a plan... well, besides a game or a laze watching snooker. I'm not doing anything active, I've worked that much out at least.

People who use MSN: it feels like I'm blanked on there at times, and get messages erratically other times. I reckon MSN has just gone wrong for me; is anyone else experiencing lags in messages? Are some of you even getting messages from me?

When you want something with more vinegar on it, do you ask for it to be vinegarier?

Finally: it's your fault.

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I didn't even know you were on MSN, what's your thingy?

vertaiseAThotmailDOTcom. I use AIM and also Miranda, so I have one program to do all the Abbychats with and other for nattering with other peoples.

I thought you were ignoring me :P I'll switch so yahell in future :D

I did. Then you ran away screaming.

I've often been having quite a regular conversation with you - as in, we've been talking quite consistently - then suddenly, you'll stop talking, and I won't hear from you for a couple of hours. I naturally assumed that you were busy or something, but I guess this could be a sign of your problem?

You should create your own dictionary, Deaniekins. As for MSN? It's because you smell.

Was that constructive? Really, was that constructive?

Answer: no.

Resolution: you smell.

Mail services were being a little ditzy - checking via webmail was working but doing a proper job of it was b0rk3d. Much shouting at the hosts later, it got fixed. My apologies for the problems. I'll run you through using webmail as a fallback next time I see you on AIM, p'raps?

Sounds a good plan. Thanks.

I am not fond of MSN...

Me: Hey, MSN? I was just thinking...
MSN: wat
Me: I have no reason for using you. I have exactly one contact, who I can contact through several other means. Even if I did want to contact her through MSN, I could use Trillian's MSN implementation. So, is there a way I could uninstall you?
MSN: wat
Me: Never mind. Look, I just don't need you popping up every time I restart my computer. Is it possible that, like every other program in existence, there's a way you could wait for me to need you before running?
MSN: wat
Me: Or, if not that, could you at least stop invoking Internet Explorer? Internet Explorer keeps chewing up all my RAM and trying to flood me with pop-up windows. Even Outlook Express invokes Firebird without complaint. Can't you just use my default browser?
MSN: wat
Me: Never mind.

Strangely fortunate

I know of so many with problems akin to those, yet I have managed to not succumb to this dastardly plan of MSN.

Re: Strangely fortunate

Don't install it in the first place :P

Also, there is a "don't start with windows"option in the... options.. o.-;; lol
yay trillian. I never will have to touch that utter shyte again X3

Re: Strangely fortunate

Trillian never worked for me. Miranda did work. That's all I need to know.

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