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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Just got a call from the police. They'll want me to do a Video ID test later on today.

My mind has felt quite upset at the notion of having to pick someone who may not be at fault at all. I hate the idea of IDing. That scares me more than the whole incident did. Still, given there is a (controlled) feeling of upset towards these people, I may find some inner ability to remember their faces, though I wish Trudi or Astrid could confirm or deny who they saw.

Still, if I get this right it makes it far easier for these people to be convicted. The ramifications depending on how I answer this are quite... well, massive.

I need to keep reminding myself it's not a test, and a wrong answer isn't going to end the world.

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*hugs* Hope they catch them pretty soon.

As I mentioned, they have three of them at the scene of the crime, in the vehicle when it crashed. They have those guys, no problems at all.

Is it? Is it really? Or is it as likely as Sly Cooper busting in with his crowbar and sneaking them out?

*puts away crowbar and takes off Sly Cooper suit*

Well then, hrmph.

Dean, there's no way I could ID 'em, cos I honestly didn't get a proper look at any of their faces; though I wish I had. The bloody bastards! Oh well, they're caught, and that's the main thing - I'm sure some pathetic lenient judge is going to let them off though. ¬_¬

I haven't got my phone either! Feel like I'm missing a limb, as sad as that sounds. ;)

In the end, I had to attempt to ID someone I couldn't, so I said I didn't know. It's not the end of the world. The fact our stuff is on them, and the CCTV was recovered (and better, it did actually have them on there) means we've got them pretty much screwed.

My sister's left lots of messages saying whoever has my phone is scum. Hope the police don't attempt to listen in.

Thankfully, humans are really good at remembering faces. Even if you think you're one of those people who is terrible at it, odds are you're far better than you give yourself credit for. As an example of how integral face-recognition is to humans, babies with barely-functioning eyes still pay more attention to frontal views of faces (as opposed to a portrait view), whether that face is real, a photo, or even a highly stylized abstraction (a circle with two dots where the eyes should be will do it).

What people are terrible at is DESCRIBING FACES. It just doesn't translate into communicable language very well. This makes it hard to process consciously, since you can't use language to help you think about it in the same way you can talk yourself through other problems.

Not that ID'ing people is an easy task, of course. That's a rare set of circumstances. You just don't have to doubt yourself so much.

The problem was I never saw two of the four, this suspect was indeed one I had not seen.

Oh. Well. That makes it difficult, then.

Or not difficult at all -- if you didn't see his face, your ID won't be worth much anyway. Unless he had an obvious tattoo, a tail or a fin, there's not much you can say about one's back.

And, well, you've already gone to the police station and back, so these are moot points anyway. Oh well!

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