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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Unwanted deviation.
So, when I attempt to plan for the week, I so often forget outside influences. Today I am meant to have gone to Enfield Town for Mum to pay lots of bills, yet I also have to wait for the police to call after one officer rather clumsily told me I could take my phone now. "I've got your phone; I don't want your phone." was pretty much how it was put. So I have to wait for the police to call again, or until 4 PM, at which time I'll have to just go to the bank and go home via the police station, see if it's been dropped off there.

So. That's a day messed up. Grumble grumble.

Also, why has the wire on this mouse decided to want to curl up in an entirely random manner, over the keyboard, overnight? Siilly wires.

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Heard anything about your phone? The police spoke to Truds this morning, and were apparently gonna phone sometime today about my phone too, but I've heard nothing. Mind you, they must be very busy.

Apparently my phone was thrown from the van while those pricks were trying to escape the police and the cover (and the rest I'm sure) got smashed up! Hah, I'd love to have seen that. ;) I'm always dropping that bloody thing and the cover flies off! It was ME that was meant to destroy it! ¬_¬ I hope it's not completely broken though, otherwise that's it, I'm phoneless. :( I ain't got the money for a new one either.

Heard nothing. What did they say to Truds exactly? Truth be told, I wasn't with it this morning, I reckon she'll know more about what's going on than I do. I might have to call you to enquire.

Edmonton's property store (where someone in the Enfield police station says it's most likely to be) number is 0208 345 4591. I'm sitting here calling this number right now, and not having any luck.

The number to get through to Edmonton's main desk is 0208 345 4425. Again, didn't have luck with that number, but that might be the best bet at this time.

As for your phone, meh. If it's broken Dean'll get you a new one on the insurance, I can hope. The sim card might be safe, at least.

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