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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Statement Amusement.
Le sigh!
Oh, I mentioned on Saturday that a statement was written; my account of what happened on the night. I recall saying I wasn't frightened, because I knew these guys were after the items and didn't seem to want to harm us. They were quite purpose-driven. So I told the guy who was writing my statement (a real finger-typer, stabbing away at the keyboard) that I felt I would be safe; "if I did as I was told, I would come to no harm".

This is all well and good, except this statement was being written at 2 AM and the person was tired, and so typed "no" as "know". This could have been interpreted the wrong way if I hadn't noticed the typo, that's for sure.

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Yes, because my idea of a fun Saturday night is to have my arms and legs tied up.

Tch tch, don't be so deadpan! ¬_¬

How do you know I wasn't being honest?

Hah! That wouldn't surprise me...;)

Nothing much would surprise you about me, I reckon.

*Imagines you strutting down the street Tim Curry/Rocky Horror style*

Yeah, wouldn't put it past me.

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