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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Perception of me!
Poll #286669 Perceptions of personality.

Which of these pictures reminds you of me more?


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It really depends what mood you're in, hun.

I know! It's such a dilemma.

In all the pictures I've seen of you, you look like ol' Frowny Bear there. However, talking to you, you seem cheerier. I chose the bear though, because he looks great!

That bug looks so invader zim like. Heheh they both look adorable. I agree it depends on your mood love.. But I chose da bug. ^^

It's good to see and know everything is making it's way back in order for you too Dean. Well, you know what I mean. ;) (hugs)

Something else will go wrong. I have a strange feeling I'm going to do something stupid like drop my phone in the bath or eat my watch.

I put the bear, if only because the bug/alien seems too... mindlessly happy. You have a much calmer happiness, I think. If one could invert the bear's frown into a wry smile, that would be the better option. As it is, I'm going to assume that Bear/Dean is recoiling from the latest horrible .mp3 he has chosen to inflict upon himself.

Plus you are fuzzy and bears are fuzzy and thus both you and bears are fuzzy.

I can have those moments of insane happiness, though I must admit, the disappointed frown does come to me more naturally. The smirk, not in any pictures from this artist (alas) is the common expression worn by me.

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