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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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I wanted to use a lot of K's in the subject. I'm sorry. I also feel like formatting this entry in an erratic manner. However! It does seem like strange[r] things are afoot!

Whilst playing Championship Manager, I was talking to radiodave about customising the game and adding a custom team in. I asked him what position he would prefer to play, if he were in the game. He said goalkeeper, and I did a search of the current game out of curiosity. Only one Gareth Jones in the current game's database. A goalkeeper. This person was playing at Lincoln in the game (close by to where radiodave lives) and the date of birth for the goalkeeper was exactly the same as the Gareth I know. I think it is fair these Gareth Joneses meet; to see which one is better, and which one would win in a fight to the death.

But it said ko-inky-dinkies in the subject, and this is only a ko-inky-dink? Well, there's more!

A few days ago, reaperfox talked to me about a song she really wanted to find. All she knew was a line from a chorus (which she'd completely misheard, but we didn't know that at the time) and that the song was recent. Undeterred, tonight I sat in Bill's car and on the last leg of the way home (we're talking a five minute trip) I turned the radio station to Virgin Radio - the most likely station to hear the music Sel talked of, I surmised. As me and Bill were just about to get out of the car, I heard the beginning of a song, and I said "WHOA" in a very loud voice (hence the boldness and the capital letters). I'd never heard the song before but knew (despite Sel's cock-up with the chorus-remembering) this was her song. This was her song and I was not believing anything but this at the time. I get back home tonight, smug as you like, imagining her squeeing in delight at me and telling me how totally radical I was, but no! She's already done a search for the lyrics and was downloading a song as we typed. I stop the download of the song I was getting and lower my head in shame. I got my hopes up too quickly and had felt a fool for it. I walked the dog.

I return to find Sel actually didn't get the right song. I resumed the file I was getting, passed it on and Sel gasped in amazement - this was her song. Thing was, there were so many variables up to then that I find it amazing we got in the car at the right time and I turned the radio on at the right time. If I'd never asked Bill to take a deviation earlier to find out how to get to a place on Sunday (I apparently have to swap at Cheshunt, Sacha - you never told me that) I'd have never found her song. And that's excellent, as they say. Well, as Sel might say.

As for other ko-inky-dinkies? Oh, I don't know. I'm pleased enough with just those two.

Sorry about the excessive usage of the bold tag. I'll wake up tomorrow and feel embarrassed and amend it all then.

EDIT: No I won't!

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Now I am curious.. what WAS her song?

Somewhere Only We Know, by Keane.

As the song was ending, he said "Oh, they've not said the song's name!" I pointed out he'd just talked over the DJ who'd just said the name and I nearly missed it.

When we went from Turkey Street it was a direct train to Rye House, we didn't have to change or anything, but I suppose it depends on what train you get? The changeover from Cheshunt isn't that difficult (I think) but if you get stuck, then ring me.

Oh, I can see from Cheshunt it'd be easy to get to Rye House. I just have fear I might have to change at Cheshunt and wait around a bit for the train, so have this strange feeling you might end up standing at that station for a while waiting for me.

But if that happens, I guess it happens.

See, now, you couldn't put a Michael Price in there either (I'd be a goalkeeper also), because, well, since Andy Collett retired, I've been moonlighting as Darlo's first choice. Yep.

Not the same date of birth, was it?

I don't think I do share our revered keeper's date of birth, no.

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