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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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The scruffy hair and the cyberdog t-shirt.
Danger! Evil smirk!
Behind the LJ-cut's an 80k picture of me after a (slight) haircut, wearing a Cyberdog t-shirt (where the white part glows in the dark) and jeans (because not wearing jeans could have resulted in negative reactions from some of you).

Excuse the crappy lighting, the picture was taken a few minutes ago. If you expect decent lighting at 5 AM, I'll laugh at you.

Oh, and I was wearing socks. Gotta wear socks.

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Dean with the look of fear...

The notion that I was taking a picture of me at 5 AM (partially because Jess asked for one, partially because Sel was drunk and she wanted to see a picture of me wearing jeans for some reason) amused and concerned me in equal measures.

I think the fear was also regarding the fact I could not get decent natural light at any moment, and the pictures would give me the odd glow.

I sat in that chair, which means I rule.

I sit in this chair right now.

Well, slouch.

So, you're radioactive?

In honesty, I'm more of an irritant.

Let that be a warning, don't let Dean get in your eyes.

I have a friend whose first reaction to seeing your picture was, "I'd date him." This is already knowing something about your personality, but the picture inspired the outburst.

Of course, there are a number of reasons why it wouldn't work out, but I thought you'd find it flattering nonetheless.

I'm surprised I'm even talked about to your friends, or at least to an extent for one of them to say that confidently.

But yes, that is flattering.

Well, you had randomly come up a couple of times recently -- in a discussion of nice guys, when I first saw the robbery post and when you brought up the Rejected guy's site. So. There was some background to the comment.

Ah. I never think of myself as someone to talk about. I suppose I can see why parts of my recent life might be worth talking of, but it's still strange to admit to that.

I am a curious fellow, however. Hearing such things always intrigues me way too much.

I don't know how much more there is to report. You (as do all my better online friends) come up now and then. And, well, knowing of your niceness and having seen your picture, a comment was made. Not sure how much else can be said, I'm afraid.

Oh. I wasn't expecting to read this.

I didn't say what I did last in an attempt to fish for more information, just mentioning I'm always a little too curious.

Still, this person would know how to contact me if they wanted to.

Oh Dean, you poser! *cackles* Go on, do vogue, David Brent style. ;)

I'm not normally a poser, as you know. Ahem.

I was thinking more of trying to find an old Jareth costume.

Haaaah! Omigod, that'd make me laugh so much!! Halloween beckons!

Hey, and I've seen you stretched across the counter at work, quaffing wine and smoking a cigar and all. For the ladies (and guys ;)

Withnail & I has given me ideas, dear. Horrible, terrible ideas.

Oh you've seen it? Isn't it a fantastic film? I absolutely LOVE the dialogue in the film; Withnail has to be the most paranoid, cowardly character ever. I bet you liked Uncle Monty, eh? >;)

"Gimme the valium! I'm getting the fear!"

I chose the bear cos he looked happy :P So no, you don't really look much like him - you're cuter.

Aww, you charmer, you.

You know you have something of a David Hemmings circa 1966 look to you there. From me, there IS no higher compliment.

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