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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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The scruffy hair and the cyberdog t-shirt.
Danger! Evil smirk!
Behind the LJ-cut's an 80k picture of me after a (slight) haircut, wearing a Cyberdog t-shirt (where the white part glows in the dark) and jeans (because not wearing jeans could have resulted in negative reactions from some of you).

Excuse the crappy lighting, the picture was taken a few minutes ago. If you expect decent lighting at 5 AM, I'll laugh at you.

Oh, and I was wearing socks. Gotta wear socks.

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Dean with the look of fear...

The notion that I was taking a picture of me at 5 AM (partially because Jess asked for one, partially because Sel was drunk and she wanted to see a picture of me wearing jeans for some reason) amused and concerned me in equal measures.

I think the fear was also regarding the fact I could not get decent natural light at any moment, and the pictures would give me the odd glow.

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