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It were a Sunday morning, when I got out of me bed, and cavorted with the plan of an escapade with the wee chappies and chappesses o'Hoddesdon.

I knew I was to meet the wench known as
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It were a Sunday morning, when I got out of me bed, and cavorted with the plan of an escapade with the wee chappies and chappesses o'Hoddesdon.

I knew I was to meet the wench known as <b><a [lj2] href="">Sacha</a></b> and also her partner in crime, <b><a [lj2] href="">Rachel</a></b> for certain, and these were the first people I saw when I arrived at Sacha's home. Initially I looked around the walls of Sacha's bedroom, where pictures and scribbled words from friends and chocolate were over the walls; I added the words "I love horses, best of all the animals" to the wall. I showed off the wonder of Bishi Bashi Special to a bemused Sacha (and eventually an amused Rachel, when she arrived). Minigames enjoyed included "JUMP FOR THE MEAT", the "SHAKE THAT CAN" game, and any other double entendres that could be thought of involving the mini-games involved.

Then more people arrived! Twins did, in fact. This was the first time I've met them, and so this is potentially where I get names mixed up. Andy and Nick (<lj user="catsmeat"> and <lj user="ragna_the_urple"> respectively, if I've got it right) arrived and everyone began to hug everyone else, and in-group fondling and tickling and slapping of arses occured: I was not part of the group yet so got away with this. I watched, shrugged it off and after a routine game of Sonic 2 where Sacha wasn't awful at it for once, we went downstairs to throw [evil] tomatoes at each other and consume a vast supply of lollipops (these were also thrown at each other, though they were rather unaerodynamic) whilst playing multiplayer Micro Machines v3.

I kicked arse frequently at the game, the memories all flooded back - well, except on boat levels, where I lost pathetically, but the boats are rubbish anyway.

A little more Bishi Bashi Special was played to amuse the twins, though it seemed to annoy the group quickly given the music that's included. Whilst this was played, other people popped by and disappeared swiftly, and being useless with names I didn't really get to know them too well. The rest of the evening involved watching Withnail & I for a bit, before I began talking with Sacha for a bit, who was obviously missing <b><a [lj2] href="">her mister</a></b>. After that parts of the group watched Almost Famous. Having seen the first half of it recently I sat upstairs and helped Sacha not suck at Sonic 2 before going downstairs to watch the second half of the film with Rachel next to me, and occasionally one of twins or Sacha's brother would pop by and watch too.

After that, the evening pretty much wrapped itself up with the twins and Rachel heading home; I followed on a short while afterwards, when Sacha took me to the local train station. We talked more about the day while we waited for a train, and we started to head back to her place after I gave up on waiting and her mother had offered me the chance to stay and sleep over... as we began to walk away I saw a train finally came along. With that, we dashed back, I gave Sacha one last hug, and I was off to Turkey Street, with a little walk home from there.

It was a nice day, and a nice group of people they all were, though I think I stood out a little from the group still (being the only person wearing bright colours does that, though). It reminds me of how friendly things used to be around Ladysmith Road, with the nice group of people around here and a lot of fun and silliness.

And then these lot will all be off to their respective universities, I suppose. I guess that's a shame but that's what education does to friendships. Still, I let Rachel borrow a DVD on the condition we will go to see Eternal Sunshine again, given we both enjoy the quirky films Kaufman creates. I found it amusing that Sacha and Rachel both considered the Carrey-like character to be just like me. I can't argue too much with that, though.

Anyway, I'm off to work a little early, so I can spend some time with someone in the shop, so I don't feel too alone when he disappears at 6 o'clock. Let's hope this shift goes better than the last I encountered.

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