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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Work quirk.
Monday was the first evening I was meant to go back to work. I arrived at 5 to get some time around Simon, to gain a little extra confidence as well about the place. The manager had seemed to organise things badly, as Tom arrived thinking he was working at 6 PM. End result: confusion, and the manager quickly arranging for us to go about and do respective jobs, both of us worked quite hard on random things for the evening - me on moving items around again (I seem to be the best person at finding space in that shop) whilst Tom changed second-hand prices of items. I picked the more difficult job and was glad to have something to occupy my mind, but I finished what I had to do at about quarter to 9, and anything else I could do would have meant getting in the way of Tom.

By 9 o'clock I was looking outside, seeing how dark it was, and feeling paranoid. As time grew on, my stomach began to churn, and I had to get out of the shop somehow, for a walk, to get food, to get home. I asked Tom if I could head off and leave him to run the fort for the last hour and he had no problems with that.

I picked up a few DVDs, one for Cliff, before I went.

The robbery hadn't affected me too much at all, until then. Hearing so many people say I was brave when I didn't feel like that, feeling there's a fourth person who hasn't been caught, having so many people show an interest in this that the story turned from a strange evening to a novelty story to something I can't be bothered going over again and again...

I don't feel myself at the moment. I asked to end things with Shaz as a result. It was a temporary split I asked for a few weeks ago, but with the other things building up... I'm not really feeling like I'm able to look after me right now, so I don't feel I have a chance looking after her. She's a nice lass, and we've had fun together, but I just don't feel right about me and her, my mind's not comfortable with that right now. To be honest, saying this probably quelled some of the tenseness that was in the relationship, and allowed both of us to talk like we used to, something we've not had a chance to do for a while - the tenseness and the temporary split kept becoming talking points when we did get a chance to chat.

Weather's going to be crap all week. I might head to the cinema, that'd be my travelling limit - the weather puts me off trying to go into London about that t-shirt. I guess I'm also feeling excessively lazy. The week off has allowed me to laze a bit too much.

And I'm slowly getting through Mario 3, trying to complete every level. I remember completing this game as a kid, when it came out... and now I'm struggling in Sky World, with a nasty lava-filled castle and another nasty level that'll involve jumping onto the backs of moving enemies to get through the level. I do aim to complete everything there is to complete, and I've been going well through things, but now it's really getting challenging. I've also collected music boxes and P-wings and can't even remember what they did.

Oh, and I got so annoyed with the Sky World castle of lava that I began trying to use items I'd collected... including the bad idea of attempting that level in a frog suit. I didn't even manage to make the first jump.

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Generally speaking, I think that those frog suits were pretty useless except for a couple of water levels. Sky World is a right sod though, agreed.

They were useless, yes, but they were an extra hit at the very least.

I guess so. Plus, Mario looked pretty cool in it.

Also, the music boxes put the Hammer brothers to sleep on the map for a while if you want to avoid fighting them for a bit, whilst the P wings give you constant flight ability for the whole level (unless you get hit) without having to build up speed.

Yeah, I'd messed around with the items and finally found that out.

Tanooki Mario's the coolest, though Hammer Mario is also cool. However, Frog Mario was useful for Sky Zone in the end, given he jumps better than the others do, and all you had to do on one level was jump from platform to platform.

I liked Tanooki too even though I never actually used the statue thing for anything. I liked Hammer Mario too but on the rare occasion I got a hammer suit I would always lose it really quickly. Argh.

I'd offer to come pester you, but unfortunately I have to clean after school.

Cheer up, chick! Play something involving guns, like Quake II! It's a great stress reliever. ;)

Ooh, a fun game. Maybe I will! Well, maybe I'll try more Mario 3.

How's your Mum taking to Bishi Bashi?

I don't remember what music boxes do, sadly enough, but the P-wing thingys will will up your flight meter, so you can take to the sky almost whenever you want. They're quite nice.

I had to test them. The music boxes make the piranha plants and hammer brothers fall asleep, aww. The P-Wing was useful for one of those horrible floating levels, and especially useful as these bastard chain-chomp/firesnake hybrids began to chase after me.

What a horrid level!

Now, I'm onto a level where a P-switch changes loads of bricks into coins. Extra lives ahoy!

(Ye Gods, the Pipe Zone music is the worst thing I've ever heard.)

(Is that the slightly rap-ish music?)

It's dull and droning. Most of the music admittedly is a few seconds' worth repeated infinitely, but this is an awful bit of music to begin with.

Thank goodness I never used to play that level, thanks to the warp whistles. That music could have corrupted me as a child.

I'm glad we had the chat last night. You may not realise this but actually it's starting to hurt. Regardless of the fact we've had no choice I'm just glad we had fun. You were the best man I ever had. And perhaps the first guy I ever felt comfortable with. I hope you find your happiness love.

I'm sorry to have hurt you.

Aw, I'm sorry about the relationship ending, but glad that you're still friends. I hope the stress of what happened doesn't hit you all at once. I know that, after the incident last summer with the man dying, it was just a mix of things as well -- praise I hardly thought I deserved, not wanting to tell the story again and again but people kept asking, feeling afraid of something similar happening again... And a few months ago, a tree branch inside that same building crashed to the floor, and I almost fainted, because I thought for one second that it had indeed happened again. I thought I'd gotten over it, but it just sneaks up on you from time to time. I hope it doesn't cause too much trouble for you, though, and that the store's security is beefed up. Couldn't you work different hours?

Also, if you've ever played Mario 1, the end of Mario 3 is pretty funny. ;)

The store's security is meant to be done before the end of this week. The shop is amateurish and this may not happen, however.

I'm at the last zone now. Nearly there, hehe. Completed every stage so far.

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