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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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(no subject)
Morose little bugger
Today may be a good day to travel to London. Leave for London at about 2, have a little wander, back home for 6. That'd be clever.

Yet, there's not much around London I really fancy doing. Two key places to go would be Cyberdog (attempt to take back Jess' t-shirt) and Virgin Megastores (5 for £30 offer on DVDs/music CDs, I feel in a hoarding mood). However, it would be something, instead of the usual relatively nothing.

But if I go out, I have to preen myself. Eventually I will have to anyway. The effort required to run a bath seems too much for me at the moment.

I don't like this week.

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Be glad. I have similar plans today, except with "London" replaced by "the mall." Guh.

Is the weather nice?

Our weather is slightly crazed, going from a calm and slightly warm day to a downpour in minutes, and back, a few times every hour.

Re: Is the weather nice?

Fat people with a chance of punks.

Re: Is the weather nice?

And not normal fat people -- I'm talking 7-year-old kids with ice cream stains on their "Jackass" shirts, eating meat-on-a-stick and whining loudly to their parents about something.

There are people who are above the average weight. These are not who I am referring to. There are people who are naturally fat. These are not who I am referring to. There are people who don't understand why Krispe Kreme donuts and McDonalds fries are not something that should be part of your daily diet. THESE are the people who I am referring to.

Re: Is the weather nice?

God Bless America!

Re: Is the weather nice?

This is Poughkeepsie, mind. It's not a particularly pleasant place. Although I am highlighting its worst qualities.... For example, for every greasy, mohawk-having DDR-obsessed punk teenager out there, I'm sure there's a perfectly normal... crowd of giggly, air-headed high school girls.

Oops. Oh, well.

Re: Is the weather nice?

giggly air-headed high school girls are the norm? Scary place..

Punks I can deal with, giggly air heads however, make my head hurt.

Re: Is the weather nice?

What's sad is that there are so many giggly air-head college girls. Arg blarg farg.

Re: Is the weather nice?

I reiterate the God Bless America statement, because I've got nothing else to say on the matter.

Hey, you could always have a read through of the books I sent you. Unless they turned out to be a pile of crap.

I read them already.

The evil dictator book was excellent, as I said. The "As Luck Would Have It" book was quite good, though I'm sure I've read a few of those stories elsewhere, and the Extreme Ironing book was amusing at first but dragged on a bit too long. You know when sometimes someone can't leave well enough alone? That's that book.

Do you refer to "How To Be An Evil Dictator"? A friend of mine has that, excellent stuff.

It's called "How To Rule The World" but talks of the philosophies of evil dictators in the past.

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