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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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The plan never succeeds.
I am five stages away from utterly completing Mario 3 as well as I can. I'll have completed every single stage, even the odd stages where the hand grabs you in the Dark Zone. I, however, cannot say I really have much talent and most of this "skill" has in fact been effective usage of P-Wings and strategic usage of Lakitu's Cloud to ignore difficult levels and to attempt them after defeating a castle (ergo being able to reset the cartridge if I lose too many lives). It's not the prettiest way to go about it, but it's all I'm good for as things stand.

I saw Van Helsing today. I really don't know what made me decide to go for it except for hearing my friends were going. After watching Monster the day before I really can't say too much about the film besides this: after watching Monster, I walked home, bought two cheap burgers, spending £1.98 on an evening where I felt completely satisfied by the time I returned home. After watching Van Helsing, I walked home, spent £5.08 in the same McDonald's and felt less satisfied with myself by the time I returned.

I wonder if certain artistic styles will be lost with the steps forward CG has taken. Troy seems to have extensive armies fighting, so many scenes in Van Helsing excessively used CG (not to mention awfully dire random slow-motion moments, but that's another point) I wonder if directors are already starting to see blue screens as the easy way out way too often. I'm sure I could write a nice haiku about how the reaction to bullet-time has caused CG to take such bounding and clumsy steps forward, except that sounds a really snooty and elitist way to hide the fact I really have little knowledge on the subject, and seventeen syllables would probably be as many as I could use before incorrectly stating something as if it were fact.

My friends want to see Van Helsing again, tomorrow. I'm more tempted to watch Wondrous Oblivion, or to go to work and pick up a copy of The Last Samurai. I don't like to watch the same film excessively. If I watch the latter, I also know it'll be watched at work. But in some cases I'm prepared to go against what I don't like doing.

The official chav vehicle of Enfield appears to be the white Renault GT Turbo. This particular box-shaped car has an engine that sounds like it wishes it wasn't being driven by such louts, and I'm sure that feeling of superiority over a vehicle is why it is a car of choice for the average scummy kid from around here.

I have begun to play Phantasy Star Online on the PC. I have just had to see those pillars again. I hated that aspect of PSO, that going back on yourself moment. I wish there was a way to circumnavigate that aspect of the game without the blatant cheating.

I read an absolutely beautiful post earlier, just like films stop and make you think, that post stopped and made me think more of the situations around the incidents I report. I think I enjoy this style of writing more than my usual style, though I admit I am too laissez-faire about structure in writing by any means, and this random assortment of words seems novel because it's a different, calmer writing style to the usual frivolous and energetic assortment of words I use.

When you've done nothing wrong, try not to be afraid of the reactions of others. Have faith in yourself and the people you're addressing. Let them show themselves to be scumbags if they are, and give them the benefit of the doubt until then.

People always tell me when they meet me, I seem... too happy. Why am I an exception?

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Your style of playing SMB3 is pretty close to H4R|)<0R3... you couldn't save in the NES version at all, so you'd have to do it that way to get perfect marks. As it stands, though, you aren't using save states, even outside of the levels. Using the Castles as limited and tricky save points is legit.

That's my analysis of it, anyway.

Well, I got through and completed Mario 3 when I was much younger; when my sister had the NES but I'd effectively stolen it for my own evil purposes. One of the first games I ever did complete, if I recall.

And now it is all done I can go back and pick any level I want, and continue to harass certain Hammer Brothers to get surplus P-Wings or Hammers out of them, etc.

We saw it again! Couldn't be bothered to see another film afterwards (David didn't have enough money - his UGC card has expired, eeek!) I enjoyed it just as much, I have to say....might even drag my dad along to see it. ;) It's just such a ridiculous film - what with all the serious films around, I think it's nice to have a silly popcorn movie like this. :D

I got Last Samurai instead, so I'm happier in a strange way.

I like serious films, or at least quirky-serious films. Films like that aren't bad, except when just after a really harrowing serious film. I'll give it a week, maybe see it then.

It stood out to me as so overacted that it was funny. And that blinking friar, acting like Q. I was waiting for him to give Van Helsing an Aston Martin or something like that.

Yeah, I know what you mean - last Summer, me Truds und the Lady M saw Whale Rider (fantastic film) and then Hulk straight after; you can imagine how that felt. ¬_¬

Mmm. It's a pain in the neck when that happens.

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