Dean Rivers (dean_r) wrote,
Dean Rivers

I woke up relatively early. Not sure why. Just seemed appropriate to. I looked at the front door. I've missed a parcel. Jess, want to bet it's something to do with that late part of my present?

My alarm clock went off at 10:03. I once slept through my alarm clock. As a result, I wondered how long time would have had to pass for me to have slept through it. So far we're at a half hour of constant beeping.

I look a complete mess today. A bath is required, before I head to work, see if a copy of The Last Samurai can be taken, I'll then head to the post office, see if the item can be grabbed early or if it is of a size to put in a bag. If not, I'll take the large package home, then head to the cinema to meet up with friends, in the afternoon.

33 minutes, the clock has gone silent. I really must have been very tired to sleep through that.

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