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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Do not let me near nappies!
Snap Crackle Pop
If nappies do not evolve from what they are now, I fear for my potential children.

I received the most wondrous Parappa the Rapper doll (and Sunny Funny - not to demean her but she's no Parappa) and an added bonus is when it detects my guard is down (I'm not sure if motion-sensitive, but he's next to my keyboard where I tap away, so it's that or audio-sensitive) he shakes his maraca-laden arms.

To make him shake his maraca-laden arms you need to put batteries in first. This was an adventure in itself, as I began to disrobe Parappa I noticed the smallest of screwdrivers was needed to enter into Parappa's back. After one was found, the screw itself was temporarily lost inside Parappa's trousers. I had to attempt to pull the trousers off him to get the screw back and then found it nigh-on impossible to put the trousers back accurately enough for things to look correct, even from a distance. In the end, batteries were placed in, and he shook his funky stuff, and the rattling got a little annoying within minutes. However, it's still a gorgeous little thing. Thanks again, Jess!

I finished Mario 3 at about 3 AM today, with all levels completed. I am content for now. I also did a little retail therapy of my own, acquiring Die Hard (but then selling it to work, so I can rent it out whenever) and The Last Samurai, and also picking up a copy of Prince of Persia for the Gamecube. I'll sell my PS2 version back to the shop later on as a result.

I'm not a bad hoarder. It seems, of the games I currently have, I've more games that I've played for less than an hour than I've completed. Anyway, now to shush. I'm off to Nan's as usual. Back around eleven.

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Sky World... I can say bad things of the first sighting of the Chain Chomp-Fire Snake hybrids who you had to kill off whilst traversing platforms, whilst the level moved around you.

Throughout my completion of the game this time through, I never used a Hammer Bros. Suit, so that point's moot. The level divide... it seemed a novel idea, though also a slight pain to traverse, now all the levels bar that are unlocked for playing at any time.

I liked the idea of enemies that weren't meant to hurt you, it was just the fact they moved and other things kept popping up to get in the way, and I was never the best at jumping when I was younger, and the bad memories of that level made me steer clear. For the younger Dean Rivers, a lot of difficult jumps were traversed by jumping as far as possible and getting lucky.

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