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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Picture time.
Vibri marches onwards!

My hair was so curly in those days. Note the blue badge. It says "SEGA" on there. I was a bit of a zealot before I could spell the word, as I've told a few people already.

A smaller picture of Jess' presents.

And a larger picture, in case anyone wants a Parappa background, or something crazy like that.

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Aww, everything's cute! ^_^

Except, you look like you had a mullet. Otherwise, everything's cute!

It was curly, not a mullet. ò_ó

(Well... it was just really curly at the back, and the family thought it was cute, so I had to suffer it getting as long as that. A mullet's usually short at the front and the sides, I just had long hair all over the top of my head, really...)

*Cackles* A mullet!! Can tell you were a child of the 80s then. ;)

As you well know, my "hairstyle" has been either:

a) cut recently, looking quite strange and making me look a bit of a skinhead, almost.
b) left to grow, looking scruffy as heck.

Any hairstyles at the same time were purely coincidence.

I'm sorry, but I have to induct you into the Mullet hall of fame.

It was always around May that the pictures were taken as well. Heatwave finally starts and I look like that. I was not the happiest of kids.

Still, so long as it's noted it wasn't my fault. I had to grin and bear that hair; I had no ability to pay for a haircut in them days. It would have cost nearly FIVE POUNDS. That was ten weeks' worth of pocket money then!

One bit of info you never knew about me: my hair's always been curly and when I was still relatively young (around 6) my Nan would take us to Enfield Town, and all the old dears would say "What a cute granddaughter you have!" at me.

Mullet Mullet Mullet Mullet Mullet

It's called laying your cards on the table and being honest.

...it's also called being quite stupid. Saying that, I can assure you if I had any control of that hair and I'd let it get like that, I would not be putting a picture online.

Eee! Baby Deanie! Can you grow your hair like that again, please? (And you're wearing your anime top! Yay!)

Can you grow your hair like that again, please?

I'm embarrassed enough with its excessive curliness looking like a mullet as is, but to do that when I have an abiity to decide how my hair looks?


Aw, so cute. I'll be different and not say anything about the mullet. ^^ And I like the t-shirt you're wearing. :)

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