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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Current plan: November-December 2000.
I aim to go through my first two months on Livejournal, and see how whiny I was, and amend posts subsequently. I might go through the whole journal bit by bit, amending posts, finding amusing things all over again, and set memories properly.

Sounds like quite an egocentric mission, but I've been bored with things recently and I like to try to tidy chaos up. So it will be!

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I recently went back and looked at most (if not all) of my old LJ posts. It was actually really interesting - I had forgotten a lot of things, including how whiny I could be. Setting memories is a good idea which I wish I had thought of!

I plan to remove all my memories and start again. I'm up to July '01 already.

Outside of an LJ context, that sounds pretty creepy.

I've been bored with things recently and I like to try to tidy chaos up.
Funny, when I get bored I like to make tidyness into chaos. XD

I think my first post is the best entry ever written!

I like going back to my old entries (I usually start off a year ago, so if I felt like doing it today, I'd look up for the closest entry to the 10th of May) and seeing what I was like. I always laugh at myself for being so "gay" and such a teenager (especially in my Year 11 phase ;)) in my past posts. I wonder what it'll be like in a few years time?

Tell me if you find any entries to giggle over. :)

Well, I'm currently up to August '01 now, so any posts before then (look on the calendar view to see them all, etc) will be things I deemed worthy enough about my life to keep them in, though I made them concise now as I always ramble when I've stuff to write about.

Some of the posts may well be amusing too!

http://www.livejournal.com/users/dean_r/59139.html isn't too bad.

I'm updating my memories when a decent thing comes along, so you might want to check there in a week or so.

Aww! I can just imagine you hiding under your sheets like that too. :)

I shall do so, babe.

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