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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Well, I got the Xbox.
£43 was too good a price to not take it, especially given the condition of it (the plastic sheath was still over the on/off and open/close buttons). I've borrowed ToCA Race Driver 2 and my friend borrowed Manhunt from the shop so we could see what the console could do. ToCA's not bad, and while Manhunt isn't really my type of game it's visually interesting.

However, this slows the plans to go back through my journal.

I've also found out Bill has injured himself whilst gardening and has part of his leg in plaster, so he'll not be visitng for a month. That's a shame, his visits are always fun and it might make it difficult to visit Nan on the Friday nights.

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Chip it, man! Chip-chip-chickenwire!

Oh, you see that plan coming together!

Otogi kicks the posterior, as does Jet Set Radio Future. And I bet both are dirt cheap by now!

Not seen either second-hand in the shop for ages!

Manhunt is so, so bad.

Get Panzer Dragoon Orta, Jet Set Radio Future etc.

Not Sonic Heroes though. Never EVER Sonic Heroes.

Yes, Manhunt is bad. But it amused my friend whilst I typed on here earlier.

"Hur hur! Plastic bag death!"

As I say, visually interesting. I like the way everything seems to bleed excessively.

And I know about the perils of recent Sonic titles.

The funniest thing in manhunt was the yellow sickle kill, i stopped playing after that though because it was like they took all the bad stealth missions out of other games and made a game of them.

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