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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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I always had a harbouring suspicion Cliff used this computer for looking around at porn. From the XXX diallers that've appeared to the picture of some lady with sand in sensitive areas that ended up in my recycle bin, I know he's the type to have a look.

However, this time I've caught the history with some interesting things in it. Yesterday, while I was out at the shops after hearing WH Smiths might be selling their games on the cheap, Cliff must have been using the computer. I've found Google searches for "vomitig pics" [sic], "pensioner sex pics" and after some browsing around such places as horsesexlover.com I finally find "cliff edmonds" (his name). Ergo, it seems a strange coincidence to have these things so close together in the short duration where I left for the shops.

I asked him and Mum if they used the computer while I was out yesterday just now. Both said they didn't. That's a shock, isn't it? I just pointed out someone had left some odd pictures lying on the computer again and they must have come from an email but I wondered where they were from. I just wanted to make the guy sweat a little on this.

I've only had four hours' sleep so I'm going to nap for another hour, then see if I'm going to enjoy a film with Astrid, Trudi and company. I know I won't last through a film without more rest. I also have to order train tickets and look into how to do fun things to this Xbox.

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There is such a thing as using the Internet to look at non-porn? :P

Well, THIS page isn't porn.


[bow chicka-wow chicka-wow chicka-wow...]

I appear to have to fix a fridge just over somewhere.

Oh, dear. It appears that I, my female roommate and her stepsister of the same age have all stained all of our clothing simultaneously, leaving us with nothing to wear. This would certainly be a stressful situation if we all weren't so adept at casual massages.

Yes. Nearly 1 in 10 people uses the internet without looking at porn.

There are two facts we can discern from this.

1) A selection of women make up that one in ten.

2) Women are too fucking stupid to learn how to use the Internet, that's why the numbers are down. :P

Man. Ban his ass from even using your PC.

If only. The family would get a strop about it.

They're upset enough that I won't buy more printer ink after they used all of it.

old people humping vomiting horses?

Cliff is now officialy scary. Either that or you have a community of perverted monsters living under your bed.
Maybe you should set up a camcorder or somthing, and if it is him looking up ...odd... things after all, confront him with the evidence and watch him squirm.

"pensioner sex pics"

I seriously hope he meant "prisoner". At least that makes some sense. Maybe he was referring to the obsolete meanings of pensioner, as in "gentleman-at-arms" or "retainer"?

Seriously, though, if you're not confident enough to confront him directly, leave a note on your computer saying that XXX sites are unsafe and can transmit spyware and adware to visiting computers. Say that you'll be tracking system usage from now on, and that you'll know for certain if anyone uses your computer for such purposes.

Or let him keep doing it, on the condition that you can make him eat day-old sushi and enter his car in demolition derbies. Same thing, really.

Well, I've contacted Mum to enquire what she thinks is fair. She doesn't mind, so the simple resolution is an amusing one - I have to inform him which porn sites he can look at and which he can't.

I have told him I've begun to monitor the computer these days due to random files showing up. He should take the less than subtle hint.

I've been using Firefox solely so he's learnt how to prevent cookies being accepted for any of these sites, and to limit potential downloads. He's been on a three strikers, he's out notification and he's broken things twice before now, usually minor things like the changing of the homepage or an XXX dialler somewhere on the computer.

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