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The instigation [7J2K8RGN]

Today has been a day of planning. I finally got my tickets bought for the comic con, and sorted out Jess and Lynne with routes as to how they'd get there. Neither are too confident with organising so I had quite an interesting afternoon simply stating "RIGHT!" a lot in a little group chat and orchestrating where people need to go.

It's quite a stressful organising session, but worth it in the end. I want those two down here. Still, I'm glad there's only one of these major trips to organise once a year. Sel, I know you seemed quite amused by the notion of how much planning I was putting into this. I will show a log of the conversation where I explained to Lynne and Jess how they were getting there. You'll understand. Or laugh a lot.

I go from London Paddington to Bristol Temple Meads on Saturday 29th, leaving at 15:15 and arriving in Bristol at 17:00. I return to London the day after, on the train that leaves Bristol Temple Meads at 17:10, arriving back at Paddington at 18:55. At this point I will have two ladies (Lynne and Jess) and may be carrying Lynne's extensive range of shoes back to my place, potentially for these two to stay until Thursday and Friday respectively.

If I need to amend tickets, the number is: 08456015031. I do not want to, but something might go wrong.

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