Dean Rivers (dean_r) wrote,
Dean Rivers

Troy and more bloody doughnuts.

I've decided if I consume a large enough quantity of doughnuts until I feel sick I will want no more of them: this is also known as "JAFFA CAKE SYNDROME".

I saw Troy tonight with Trudi, Astrid, John and Mariane. Betwixt the fighting the film seemed to enjoy displaying some actors in very little. Orlando Bloom managed to look hideously young in his posing with little on, Eric Bana got the best reaction from the females I watched the film with. There were some awkward slow-motion moments which made our group snicker. There was a very dizzying camera used when fights occured, as if the blurring action would prevent the film from being an 18. There were some impressive performances, especially by Peter O'Toole and Brian BlessedCox. People who like the English accent will also be very content after this film. Lots of people with nice accents in this film.

I'm too lazy to really talk about the film. Just... pfft. You know already if you'd like to watch it.

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