Dean Rivers (dean_r) wrote,
Dean Rivers

Just reading back on 320 posts I missed since Saturday.

I have a mild headache from this, and a feeling that the long post about the trips around with Lynne and Jess won't go up for a while, especially as my memory is awful and I will actually have to confirm certain events actually happened, especially now my mind is all over the place.

My mind is buzzing in a disconcerting manner. Like the second hand on this large clock of mine does, with its swooping motion. But you can only hear it buzz when it passes from 5 seconds to 25 seconds pass and that's only if the hum of the television and the computer can be ignored.

I feel like the buzz of my mind is audible somehow.

This doesn't feel like a Saturday. I wish I could have a second quieter Friday to deal with.

I've just got no ambition working in the shop I do in the state it's in. I am enquiring at the other shop nearby that has captivated an interest. We will see how that goes very soon.

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