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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Start as you mean to go backwards.
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I know there's the potential to post about how things with Jess and Lynne went, but that doesn't seem appropriate for now. Too long a story, too much to remember.

It seems that the last few days have been very much impulsive and adrenaline-fuelled. From getting Lynne and Jess back to their respective train stations in a bit of a panic and at the last minute possible, to deciding to travel in a way I usually never manage to. For example, I succeeded in making a trip in 35 minutes that would normally take 45 minutes at my fastest. I also ran for a bus on Friday. We're talking a "Is that a bus I see on the horizon several hundred yards away?" sighting, followed by a 300m sprint to a bus stop, just to get on a bus for a quarter of a mile.

This dash really didn't shatter me as much as I expected it to. I guess that's one way to give yourself an ego.

Over the last few days I've been taking advantage of Game's offer of giving them any four old titles and 99p in exchange for a new title. Both games I acquired (Ninja Gaiden, Rallisport Challenge 2) haven't really been played enough for me to offer insight on them, but if I don't like the games I can sell them off for a few pounds more than I bought the cheap old games for. I can't argue at that.

Now, I'm off to work. I've got to take Pacman Vs for Astrid to see, and I've got to see what I can do about myself: I've not been working enough recently. I need more hours and there's none available. Something will have to be done about this.