Dean Rivers (dean_r) wrote,
Dean Rivers

I know how to have surreal adventures.

Did you know that while Lynne and Jess were here:

As we got into London, I scoffed that bad things never happened on the underground after Lynne told me she had heard nasty stories. And indeed, nothing bad has ever happened around me until then, when two people had a domestic in front of us.
Mum picked us up and we were asked to stay in a house valued at five million pounds, and fed horses that decided to visit the fence enclosing the back garden. While we stayed in this house, we encountered a flatulent dog whose face wasn't a pretty picture. The end result was us not knowing which side of the dog was better to encounter.

On the Monday we returned back to Enfield. Jess got an Eye: Toy and I found the best way to clean windows quickly in one of the games was to jump past the camera, preferably onto a soft item (my bed, in this example). We rented Return of the King and Shenmue 2 on the Monday, but forgot to take the items with us from the shop, so I had to run back to the shop to get them. We also ordered food in on Monday, but the driver lost our address, so I had to run after the car to get it. It was one of the stranger days I've encountered, to be frank. Lynne also got a pizza with pure spice inside it. She was unable to eat more than a few slices and the look of shock on her face was priceless, for all the wrong reasons.

She did finish the extravagantly spicy pizza over the next few days, to her credit.

We went for a lazier day on the Tuesday. We watched Harry Potter, which we agreed was not a bad film at all though it did shun a few moments from the book. We went to Krispy Kreme subsequently. This was also enjoyed, possibly moreso in fact. We returned to listen to the awful English dubbing in Shenmue 2.

Wednesday involved us getting out of the house late and whilst planning to go all around London, we went solely to Camden. Lynne saw Cyberdog. Lynne was happy. I made a dramatic dash so Jess could get Spirited Away, Jess bought me a nice orange t-shirt as compensation for it. We watched Braindead and Spirited Away on the night.

On Thursday we also left late though thankfully we managed to get to Forbidden Planet and following on from that, we managed to get Lynne on the right train home. I began to panic with how little time we had left, but everything went smoothly and I shouldn't have worried. I returned the film after dropping Jess home and we sat and talked for the night, Jess missing Lynne especially.

On Friday I dropped Jess onto her train and everything went well in the end, after a bit of talking. I went for a big wander around London, if I recall. I think I tried to do something dramatic and exciting and failed to do so, and still continue to fail to do so, due to being a lazy git this week.

Today I must be more constructive or I perish. I have to pick Katy up from Heathrow, I have to go into Enfield Town and send some items off and I want to examine the new Gamestation and enquire regarding vacancies. As things are going on, it seems likely the chance to work there won't fall for me, but still, it's put the cat amongst the pigeons at work and that amuses me, at least.

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