Dean Rivers (dean_r) wrote,
Dean Rivers

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Let's try again, again.

I have no idea where my mobile phone is any more. Personally, I can't be bothered to care either. That's not good, really, is it?

Since the visits I've felt rather apathetic about anything involving effort. The room's still a bit of a mess, I'm still not fussed about organising minor things. This phone conundrum means so little to me. I know I had it on Sunday, and I don't now, and this is the first I've thought about it, given Asti never contacted me regarding going to see a film... well, how quaint.

So tonight I'll tidy a little more, have a vague look around, shrug and give up on the whole phone thing. Bloody devices.

UPDATE: I appear to have also lost a Muji pen I bought on Wednesday. Maybe I've left it at work? Either way, I've really done quite badly with this looking after stuff, haven't I?

UPDATE2: I have found it in a shirt that has been through a tumble dryer. I evidently care about my phone, don't I?
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