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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Gamesplaying, backgrounds and nothingness to impress.
Snap Crackle Pop
Yes, it's a long post - but this is going to be an interesting one because I feel very much upbeat again, and this usually means I want to offer interesting things to you, the reader. And this is true: this post includes special downloads!

Just call this the journal of a person that loves to give.

Tonight has been a night of games. Not many, mind, but enough to be able to use the plural correctly. I didn't feel talkative online earlier, so sauntered off in the direction of calming and addictive games. This meant I sauntered east. This is a relatively accurate representation of the sauntering east.

I achieved a round of thirteen under par on Ace Golf, the excellent Gamecube game [a review: here]. In the US this game is called Swingerz Golf, if I recall correctly. Either way, you can pick the game up for so little these days, and it is my favourite game to relax with these days. Anyway, I'd love for that round of 59 to be a challenge to you all, but I know not many of you have a Gamecube and this game (mikkyx, is there Cyberscore potential if I pass info on?) so I sauntered west to the PC and the game Sticky Balls.

I just got a score of 816,000 on Sticky Balls. As it's a PC game, this means I can zip the files up and you can download the game and try and do better than me. Download the game [1.3mb] and try. No, really, you should. You'll enjoy it. And after you do, pass the link on to other friends too. I want more people to love this game.

Gareth says: Can't stop playing :|
Liam says: dean, nice game :)

A side-effect of this game is that you may erratically end sentences with emoticons.

Also! My computer's background has finally changed from a maroon/yellow/black Rivers United-alike design to a maroon background with a picture from an Ape Escape manga on it. A screenshot of this is available here, if you are interested by this. Yes, I have a massive resolution - because I have a massive monitor. Apparently the icons and text still appear small when other people use this computer. I know my eyesight is very sharp, and I also know I'm slightly colour blind between very light blue and very light green.


I have had a haircut recently. I think I have finally found a haircut which suits me when my hair has to be shorter, so it can grow to the hairstyle I usually have, where I've left my hair to grow for two months and it begins to attempt to take over the face.

A picture of this shorter hair is this: not available yet. But soon, it might be!

Lastly: the bloody nice radiodave gave me an access code so I now am jumping onto the bandwagon known as Gmail. The email address is this: this. I ask of you this: send me random things, music and short videos and whatnot. I want to get some random madness through to the address, and hear new things from you people and see pictures and movies from you, and all that. It's the only way to let me experiment with the account, really. So go on, for me!

AND MORE: Just moments ago the washing machine began to thrash violently! It sounded like it was desperately trying to get out of its corner in the kitchen and make a last ditch attempt at killing me. I mean, I know my socks don't exactly smell of roses, but this is uncalled for.
Anyway, now I realise I've gone on for long enough so I'll shut up. But before I go, have some more colons: now, and also: then!

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Dean, after reading this post, I have come to the conclusion that you are a beautiful, beautiful person. FYI.

But only on Wednesdays, apparently.

I love the way you write, Deanie! It's weird looking at your room from a birdseye view - I remember trying to annoy Gareth on your bed. =D

I'll download the game and give it a try when I get back home. :)

I'm glad when I do start to write like this. I know I can write well but am also usually a little bit more laid-back with how I write. However, when I find myself out of a rut I'm usually more boistrous than normal, and that post is the result of it.

I don't know why I took a screenshot of the background but I did. The plan view of my room, again, I just felt "I'll show them what I did, I will!" and it continued like that throughout the post.

I can only suppose I like to link to random things and sometimes those random things can come from other sites, but sometimes it's nice to put your own stuff up.

Creative posts are perhaps the best posts, I think. :) Plus people will understand what you're talking about... for once. =b

Given how few people downloaded the game, I don't think they do.

What a fantastic entry. :D

The bastards won't download the game, though.

They won't chortle at the picture.

The bastards.

DAMN YOU AND YOUR STICKY BALLS, MR RIVERS, You've gone and got me addicted!


Aww. That's the first time someone's said that to me for nearly a fortnight.


It wouldn't matter if I made it completely obvious anyway.

Anyway, did you download the game and play it?

Desktop diagnosis: Not enough monkey. This must be rectified.

You are welcome to add more monkey to the background.

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