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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Excursions on a whim!
It was a quiet day. I'd woken up late as usual, got up to help move furniture around, talked to the family. I decided late in the evening that I wanted this day to not be a total waste. This meant I decided on a whim to head off to the cinema, see what was on, (with luck) enjoy something, and (with more luck) grab something to eat before coming back home.
I watched The Day After Tomorrow. Several people have told me I really should see this film, so I decided now was as good a time as any. I got there in time to see the 9:45 screening. As I walked into the correct room a monitor disappointingly said the film would finish at ten minutes past midnight, not giving me enough time to get food afterwards.

The film had an interesting premise behind it, though I did get irked by all the conventions in the film. I began to fidget as the end of the film came along, wondering if I should get food instead of waiting for the very end of the film. I waited for the very end, but dashed out of the cinema quite quickly and saw the time was ten to midnight, with food places on the opposite side of the road - only a few minutes away.

This meant I did two things, using my incredible powers of rushing like a crazy person.

The first thing involved waiting in the drive-through lane to order food at McDonald's as they'd shut the front door and the main counter for pedestrians. The second thing involved me quickly going into Krispy Kreme for a random donut - instead they gave me four 'on the house' because 'hey, it's Friday night, you're the last customer, and as soon as you're gone we can get home,' one of them honestly said. And don't I know that mentality too often on the weekends.

Anyway, today I wake up at half past seven and do the morning shift at work. Been a very long while since I've done this. It'll be an interesting scenario, especially as I'm spending so long amending the grammar on this post, which I can't seem to stop sounding bland and disjointed. I don't write well when I'm tired, alas.

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I have a question. Is there anyway I could convince you to help me make my journal look like yours, or similar to your's? Like I had the comment part of my journal say words - but it went away and I want it back. ....


Well, I have to admit, I got someone else to help me with the coding of the journal. I could give you the code so you could edit things to how you want, but I have to admit, I don't know for certain what everything does in the coding.

You have to have a paid account to customise. In this instance, getting a paid account would make the specific words to come back.

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