Dean Rivers (dean_r) wrote,
Dean Rivers

Words and pictures.

Someone recently said, "They will never make another Dean Rivers". That made me feel proud. Admitting that makes me feel I am easily amused.

Grudge. That's normally a nice word. However, in the instance tonight where I watched Ju-On: The Grudge it was less so. The film was advertised as being a confirmation that "Japanese horror films are entering a golden age". As one of the first Japanese horrors I have seen, I had no idea how to take this phrase. I also went in with mild apprehension; I am not one that enjoys sudden shocks - I used to hide behind anything I could when Knightmare was on television - so I went into this film expecting something far creepier than I ended up with.


Quaff. Now, that's an excellent word. I decided it was such an excellent word that I would indeed attempt to quaff on the way home, using a bottle of Ribena I held as if it were a brandy glass, my palm flat against the bottom of the bottle, occasionally swishing it around, my imagination got the better of me. I may even have considered the centifugal force placed onto the drink was improving the aroma or the body of the saccharine blackcurrant juice.

Donkey. Another wonderful word. Due to the release of Shrek 2, Ribena offer you the chance to win a donkey. Second prize is a blow-up donkey. Mmm. I hope if I win anything in my life, it's not a blow-up donkey. I can't see many uses for one, that's all.

Bagel. An apparently cosmopolitan word to North London culture - "It's the new ciabatta". I have recently managed to get addicted to bagel shops around London, not noticing in the slightest how bloody expensive they were. As a result, today I procured delectable components for a special home-made bagel. In honesty, it turned out a little vile but I was glad I attempted to make it, at the very least.

I think that's my day wrapped up in quirky words. Isn't that precious?

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