Dean Rivers (dean_r) wrote,
Dean Rivers


My grandfather fell out of a cab last night and broke his collarbone. He was exceedingly drunk at the time. Give or take a few hours a day, he usually is. But this morning the family popped up to visit, to see if he was okay and how much he hated the hospital food.

I also just got a letter through from the police, about this court case where I may have to give evidence. I really don't like this tangible notice in front of me, I'm quite a quiet one and usually prefer to let life go by, but then I do want these people as far away from our shop as possible. There's CCTV of them taking things, and the people were caught red handed after a long chase. There's no reason they can claim to be not guilty, is there?

I might head down the town later, put some money into the bank, and then look for something lavish to waste it on. I think it sounds a good plan, personally.
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