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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Conversation with a runt.
Morose little bugger
While at work, this gem of a conversation occured between me and a kid who'd been browsing our rental DVD section for a while.

The runt began with "Do you buy DVDs?" and produced a DVD box onto the counter; the film in question being Romeo Must Die. There is a sticker on the lower left-hand corner of the box. This sticker says "1040", written with a permanent black marker. I look him in the eyes and walk to our rental section of the shop. You see, all our DVDs and videos are found by numbers (on the spine of video boxes and the bottom-left corner of DVD boxes). Indeed, our rental copy of Romeo Must Die has the number 1040.

I politely pointed out he shouldn't try and sell this to our shop, as the box for the disc is actually ours. He kicks up a strop about it, claiming it's his and it was in the boot of his car. I then inform him to take his disc out of the box and sod off before the disc gets thrown out into the street with him after it, perhaps in not so polite a fashion.

Still, this is why working with an independent shop is fun.

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The stories you get to tell must almost make the irritation of the actual events worthwhile, eh? ;)

Amusingly, the independent video store I work at encourages people to sell back our stock that they buy. Naturally, we only give credit. It works out nicely for the store, although it's kind of a pain for me when people keep on doing it. That said, working at independent stores and being able to do what you want is indeed a great pleasure.

I've changed a few tenses. I wrote up the post in a bit of a grumbling rush, and I think I didn't put my point across correctly.

This stock was always ours. It was never given to him. He's essentially got a DVD which he's lost the box for, so he's found our rental box and put the disc in there, so he can try to sell it to us and make some quick money.

If that makes more sense.

Oh, okay. Yeah, that's not allowed. Although we actually keep all of our tapes and DVDs in the back, and you just bring up the display box. It works well to prevent theft, but I think it's actually just due to a lack of space.

What?! You're joking?! How old was the little sod? My god, it's amazing the things they try in there. I bet he did it with a straight face too.

He was about 10. He has a loyalty card and his mother a rental account, so information's on the system about it from now on.

He did it with a straight face, and as I say, when I told him it was our box he denied it every time, and then continued to browse around the shop. I decided it'd be better to let the mother know without the little brat around and I'd not offer any more 'loyalty' discounts to him for his cheek.

Ah, really? Hmm, well at least we know who he is now. Did you speak to it's mother then?

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