Dean Rivers (dean_r) wrote,
Dean Rivers


Ian Holloway (the man with the bizarre quotes from recently) will be the first person featured in the new BBC programme "The Stress Test". He will end up producing some ridiculous quotes, I am sure. It'll be on tonight at 9:30. I'm sure I'll enjoy that, for he is a live wire.

Expect bizarre quotes around 11 o'clock regarding this show, if I'm right. If I'm wrong, expect the above part of this post deleted.

In other news, I downloaded and enjoyed Jardinains (imagine Breakout with gnomes randomly throwing plant pots at your paddle) and redownloaded Gunbound (like Worms but with creatures firing instead of bazookas) due to chibiellie telling me they were offering avatars and gold to older users. I have since got re-addicted, and may even push other people into getting it.

What else is there to say? I'm not too sure. I'm feeling rather special at the moment with all the attention I'm getting recently, I seem to be getting talked to more than usual over the last few days, though I hope it doesn't make me appear neglectful to some of you when my responses have been a little slower. I'm also feeling a little lazier and might have to do something to curb my sitting in front of the computer as much as I do. I enjoy the company I share but I know it's not exactly good for me.

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