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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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My Nan is ill.
When I write a concise subject, it's usually a serious matter. So far she's picked up something she classifies as food poisoning, while she lays in bed sweating profusely and looking a state. She also has a few doctor's appointments in the near future. Now, an appointment or two is fair enough, that implies there's something a little bit wrong with you. My nan has seven appointments to make, and an operation which will involve radiation being used to get rid of a lump on her larynx, and when that happens she's not allowed company for a month. This could destroy her, given how lonely she gets. All the pets will have to stay here, to prevent their contamination - I think that month of solitude might be too much for her to take.

She's really not looking healthy and everyone in the family who sees her is realising it. I guess I'm starting to see mortality in front of my eyes - I've been lucky to not suffer any of my family members dying to this age, and I hope Nan pulls through all this and everything goes back to as it was for a while. However, I'm not completely certain this will be the case.

To occupy my mind with this I've tried to get as much time at work as I can over this fortnight, while the manager is away. The shop has had a quite impressive renovation occur, and this does lead me to wonder how the shop may improve. One thing is certain, though - the plethora of work will have to be done without the shop manager here. He's gone away for a fortnight and a lot is going to be left for him to resolve when he gets back.

The shop was in one hell of a state when I arrived, with Tom at the end of his tether. I seemed unable to stop giggling at how worked up he was, which got him even more tense. I just got on with things once he left, found a few more faults with the shop, wrote them down, and got on with something else until the shift was over.

Astrid - the reason why we've not had videos for the last few weeks is because Dean doesn't want them, they cost twice as much as a DVD (evidently because they are rental copies, hem) for him to get in and they don't rent as well as DVDs these days. Of course, the people without a DVD player are screwed but... that's his decision, and he's the one who has the money to do what he wants.

To keep Ms. reaperfox happy I have taken a Starsky & Hutch stand that was to be destroyed and thrown into a bin otherwise. She's seen a picture but I may have to send another so she can show off that she's got it. What will be interesting is how she gets the stand back home: the idea that she may have to leave Starsky and Hutch sitting on her lap will cause several shocked reactions on the train, I'll reckon.

I've really not got much to say. I've just been getting on with life, initially hitting a lazy spell and then trying to do all I can to keep myself busy, once I was able to get myself out and about. Tomorrow, I'll head into the town, put money into the bank, pay off debts, generally saunter round a bit. I haven't had a good saunter for a while. I've got to pay a few bills, hopefully write some ebay feedback when an item arrives, get in contact with SI about work for them... a few things to cram into the day that I'll forget.

But for now, I'll sleep. I'm rambling.

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Aww...I hope she's feeling better soon.

As for you, my friend, don't overwork yourself or else I'll start
to worry too much about you.

Take care :)

Oh, but without the overworking I don't get the moneys.

I need moneys this month.

I'm sorry about Nan! :( I hope that she does come out on top. A month without company is God-awful, though. It must be hard not to be with her for so long when you know she's been ill, and in turn, she would hate the solitude. I just hope it's more tolerable than it seems. Poor thing. :( *hugs*

We'll be calling her a lot and fussing over her.

Her first appointment has been cancelled as she's too ill to get to it, now.

*hugs* I hope your nan's okay. Sounds like such a drag and a month is a heck of a long time alone. I guess a thousand phonecalls are in order? :(

And yes, getting the standee home will be interesting but like I said in IM... I think I can manage ;) :) you rock, thankyou for that again :)

It's no problem at all. Well, once you get it. Until then it'll look strange in the background, on the sofa.

Sorry to hear about your nan, Dean. A lump on her larynx? Just out of interest, she's not a smoker, is she?

Hah, well I suppose the video thing makes sense, what with them being 'proper' rentals. ;) Pity...videos take so much less time to put on rental! Oh well. Hey, what days/times are you working again, btw?

Massive smoker, and the effects are starting to catch up on her.

Wednesday 10-4, Thursday 10-4, Friday 2-7 (so if we want to watch a film, I have to rush back), Saturday 2-10, Sunday 6-10.

Don't the videos take less time because we have less of them?

Any days there you think you'll need any help? (I can possibly help on Sonntag if you want?)

Yeah, but it's not just that - it's having to stick labels all over everything, write things onto the dvds and all the rest of it that takes time. :/

Sunday sounds the day that'd be most useful to have someone else around, as I'm gonna be the only one there. On Wednesday and Thursday Peter will arrive in the afternoon, Friday I'll be taking over from Joe and Shabbir will be doing the evening before I go, and Saturday... well, you know what happens Saturday.

I think your mother will be declaring murder on the shop, though.

*Snort* My mum declares murder on everything. ;)

Good for her. I like her style.

Gah, i feel for you. I lost my only grandparent - my nan - the christmas before my 16th birthday. I really hope she'll be okay.

I'm sorry you're nan's going through this bug Dean. I'm also sorry I haven't been on livejournal for a while to even respond to your posts. It's not like I don't care or nothing. To be honest I find it weird that a doc would suggest that lonliness would aid your nan. I can understand contamination or some such thing but its not like she's got the plague neh?
I know how you feel at the moment. My dad's mum who lives in kent is coming to the state where me and my dad are getting real worried about her. She's been drinking a lot and my dad's good-for-nothing sister doesn't help. I swear before I start southampton in september I'm going down there. I want to really.

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