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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Soddling the drabsy straights.
Looking at how much was in my bank, I've paid £20.26 out on something; what it is I do not know. I dislike this fact, but will find out why or die staring at my balance trying.

Update: Twas for a set of blank DVDs to burn, and for a region 1 copy of City of Lost Children. That's fair enough. I just forget simple things sometimes.

Today, as I mentioned in an earlier LJ post, was a day of simple chores. The majority of these didn't want themselves to be resolved (calling SI resulted in me not getting an answer, an attempt to contact an ebay seller failing, calling up a company to give them money and them not answering the phone) but at least I managed to doss about properly, going into town, paying bills and then settling in at work when it wasn't my shift, feeling too lazy to head home and enjoying the company. In the end I spent about four hours in the shop, and did a few hours' worth of work: it's a bonus to add to the amount I'd earn ordinarily.

A fortune cookie laid on the floor near a road I cross on the way home. I kicked the cookie open and read the message inside.

There's a good chance of a romantic encounter soon.
So, there you go. I'm single and apparently I'm very much available and waiting - but apparently not for too long!

I always thought fortune cookies were meant to be more vague than this.

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Gaaah, how can I add "in bed" to that?

I think you can add that phrase to just about anything.

Yeah, same with "in my pants". Both are also great when used in conjunction with embellished book/film/game titles.
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (In my pants. I made that one up BEFORE seeing your icon, mind...)
101 Dalmatians (In my pants)
Crash Bandicoot - the Wrath of Cortex (In bed)

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon (in my pants)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (in bed)(Actually, that's kind of accurate...)
Final Fantasy (in my pants)

Hmmm... I like it!


As it's the first I've heard of it, I've not been looking and I don't look the part for someone to desire me, I'll wager it's not.

Though I was told yesterday I was way too cherful while at work that I "must have got some, or something."

I guess I'm just such a cheerful fellow that I can feed off excess negativity and find it amusing, whilst the people who are feeling negative then want to kill me.

Maybe I just love a good crisis.

What on earth does that subject mean?

What part of "soddling the drabsy straights" don't you understand? ;D

What would you like it to mean?

What wouldn't I like it to mean?!

Aaahh, I don't believe in those fortune cookies....well, only cos they always say such cryptic or horrible things in mine. ;) I had one a week ago that said "Failure is the best kind of success" - no it isn't! Don't bloody say that! ;D

At least it didn't say "You will die in a week's time". I'm only paying attention to this one more than I normally would, because it was just lying in the street - that's not the normal place to find a fortune cookie.

You can take this scrap of paper if you fancy a romantic encounter more than me. I'm not too fussed myself.

*Laugh* No it's alright, you keep that piece of paper. ;)

Sex! Sex! Sex!

Incidentally, what're you doing on Wednesday, old chappy?

Are you getting me confused with other parties?

On Wednesday I'm working from 9:30 until 4. My only days off for the next fortnight are Mondays and Tuesdays.

'tis a shame. :( Gareth and I were going to ask if you wanted to come to London with us, but oh well. *Hug!*

No chance, alas. Shame, I have to pester you two soon.

I finally got around to watching City of Lost Children last night! I think it is going straight into my Top 10 of All Time list.

It's beautiful, and I'm glad a friend popped by to show me the version you saw - alas, the region 2 variant the UK gets is dubbed. Not badly, but still not as clever as actually leaving the language it was meant to be heard in (example: the 'radiateur' joke becoming less of one when translated) on the DVD.

Yeah, the region1 disc has the original French, English and Spanish dubbed and I listened to bits of the English and Spanish and I agree that the English wasn't quite so horrible on this one but at the same time, dubbed can never compare to original. I can't understand people (and there are plenty here) who prefer the dubbed version over subtitled. THey're just too lazy to read!

But I've always been curious how jokes and puns are translated, I've been planning on looking into it by renting movies that have Japanese subtitles but that's a little harder to do on dvd.

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