Dean Rivers (dean_r) wrote,
Dean Rivers

It's all about that damned cream soda.

So, I'm up. I'm surprised at this but I'm also feeling awake. There's a faint sense of sadness due to the fact that I could instead be in London, meeting radiodave and sachkii again, but then I'd be letting the shop down and be spending money instead of earning it.

However, given the owner's cheerful attitude when he sees what a mess this area is these days, I'd like to be away for the shop for that reason. Still, I'm going to be kept awake with the work, at least.

It's slightly amusing when he goes to check stock of things to find the way Simon does things causes hell. We apparently have a copy of Full Spectrum Warrior because he adds it as stock instead of a rental game. On the flipside, we have -1 copies of Shrek 2. The shop owner is slowly learning how this area "works" these days since he moved upstairs and left others to bodge his legacy.

It feels like far longer than an hour has passed so far. Blast my arriving too early. And I'm going to get back to work because I'm feeling sleepy from just typing this.

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