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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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I found out sachkii and radiodave were in Enfield on Monday after I casually left a "What're you doing on Monday?" question at them on one of their journals. I came back from Nan's to find they were attempting to find where I lived, had been talking to the resident Enfield tramp for a long while (whose conversations revolve around which bands from the 60s/70s you liked, and asking for 20 pence pieces but only 20 pence pieces, all other coinage is inferior).

I ended up at their place until Tuesday evening.

So, that's where I went. Shock horror I wasn't near my PC for 24 hours I saw the outside.

I will amend this post in the morning, when I am bored at work, and when I feel like writing something damned memorable. Until then I'll just say I want a venus fly trap. It would remedy the problem of all these buzzing insects I hate so. I will have to consider this further. I also need to make a relatively high-tempo music CD to alleviate the music I cannot stand that reverberates around the shop. I will be there in... six and a half hours. Damn my staying up just to try to catch up on all the livejournal posts.

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Bitey and I appear to have sparked an interest in carnivorous plants in ye... I reccomend those honeydew plants with the sticky tentacle things too. They're cool, and they have less trouble attracting big game like bluebottles.

I had a mild interest a few years back, but then I realised there wasn't really space for anything here. Truth be told, there still isn't, but it's something to keep in mind.

Bitey's tiny, though. his pot's the size of a largish coffee cup, not counting the small bowl that holds his water reserve.

A fair point. Still, you've not seen my room, heh.

He still sounds lovely, though. And it'd mean I'd have something that would actively try to kill the flying insects I hate, and something about that seems excellent.

Was the tramp named Lenny by any chance! ;)

Enfield legend.

Obssessed with the Ramones.

Oh the heady days of youth were I was friends with homeless people!

Hope you're ok, your MSN is always set to busy and I don't want to bother you. I have developments on the life front!


Yep, good ol' Len. He's a legendary Enfield tramp - friends who visit Enfield always remember him. I almost wish I could make up a Ramones CD for him, but that's a bit pointless.

Pester me anyway when the MSN is on busy. At worst I'll get to hear from you and can email a reply. At best I'll actually be there but typing on some other program, and can pester you swiftly.

And yay for your developing of a life. Get me one!

That guy was great. He said I wore authentic punk trousers.

He said the same thing of Sacha's trousers when she met him.

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