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Sports Interactive don't want me going back there for games testing. I just got an email from Joe explaining how so many more people wanted to work this year and I was one of the unlucky ones, and my information has been "kept on file in case more testers are needed". Given how I recall Joe's comments of the testers "on standby" last year, I think that closes that avenue of work down firmly. I know my faults: I was too pleasant, I was too curious, I didn't join in with the group activities (never went off down the pub, preferring to work on the game in the empty studio on a half dozen machines) and I simply wasn't there enough. Oh, and I scored a really good goal on Pro Evo 3 against him. Bicycle kick from a corner. His face was one of an upset man, who would use that against me at every opportunity.

I've also had my day disrupted by being taken to my uncle's place. Chen, his wife, is arranging things for the funeral of her mother, who passed away a week ago. I didn't know her very well, so hope I don't get invited to the funeral. But I created the pamphlet that will be given to every attendee of the funeral, documenting the order of the service.

I met Chen's brother, Bradley. Money rules him. I wasn't pleased when I had to be driven home by him. He's the type of person I'd grumble at if I watched them drive past, and there I was, having to take a ride home from him. I watched him drive no-handed whilst talking on the phone and if I knew where I was, I'd have asked if I could hop out early and walk the rest of the way back, such was my uncertainty with his driving style. I also heard him talk about his mother's car, trying to sell it off before she's even been buried.

Meh. Over the last few days I've suffered with a painful ear. Thankfully that's remedied itself. I wasn't going to head into work today because of it. Instead, I'm not heading into work because I've just done six hours' worth of work and got enough for it to make working those four hours close to pointless. And I'd have had to leave before now.

What I might do is have a little rest and go watch a film. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow, I'm not sure. I'm pretty tired and unsure of my limitations.

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