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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Extravagances and unnecessary necessities.
Vibri marches onwards!
Well, over the last week I've not done much. My ear made travelling feel awful, so I've tried to do all I can via the internet and telephone until I felt prepared to visit the real world. I paid for the TV licence by phone, I browsed the internet for things to buy.

On Thursday I decided the ear problem wasn't major enough to stop me from actively travelling, so I triumphantly charged towards Enfield Town. I had a bit of money in my hand on Thursday, which should have gone straight into the bank. Alas, due to two facts I ended up getting a NES GBA SP instead.

Part one: My GBA has an Afterburner inside it. The problem is it drains batteries. I bought a large clunky rechargable block to go where the batteries normally do, and it worked twice as long as regular batteries did. This was a great solution to my problem until Wednesday, when the charger gave up and no amount of recharging it helps. This leaves me with the GBA and one last rechargable block, but it's a behemoth of a component, taking over the back of the GBA with strange grips my hands cannot adapt to, being long and spindly. I don't want to resort to batteries with it, so it's now not as useful to me, really.

Part two: The shop I went to had a trade-in price of £23 for a game I felt like selling, and the SP was the only thing in the shop that interested me.

This does leave me with an Afterburnt GBA and charger. These types of things seem to be going for £40-50 on ebay. Anyone interested in it on here before I consider throwing it that way? Knowing it'd go to a nice home would make me happier than just flogging it away.

On the way home, my ear had got fed up of me trying to ignore it, and sent me a large amount of pain to wince at. I finally decided on Thursday night that this was an infection inside my ear and I couldn't try to walk it off, as it were. I hate pestering the doctors with these menial things, but this has actively proven to be quite a nasty thing to try to shake off. So... Friday. Doctor's. Confirmation it's an infection. Tablets and ear drops. All quite simple and bland to talk of.

As for the subject title, I'm looking around my room and realising other things would be quite nice here, like a new washing basket or a new bin or a new sofabed. I've snagged a new chair recently. It was like I'd suddenly got bored of trying to buy games all the time and actually wanted some useful things around my room.

So. I will also look into the price of a nice sofabed, and a nice bin. And feel silly whilst I do. Wasting my money on things I've got already, pfft. That'd be stupid.

...meh, the life of the SP charger isn't fantastic, is it?