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Lights, camera, auction.

My bedroom now has a new ceiling fan-light thing in it. It doesn't fit into the room in the slightest, and that's just the way I like things to be. In a room full of orange and cream, it is gold and navy. It's an excellent way to get some ventilation into this room without needing to open a window and suffer the wee beasties eating my back. The flickering shadow it produces puts me off while I'm typing but I'll get used to it.

For some reason I felt in the mood to take some pictures, which I shouldn't have been: they all came out rather badly. Grumble grumble. Remind me to take random pictures of nice things before sunset comes along.

I shall auction off a few random things. Things that nobody seems to want to take cheaply around here. I feel like learning how to sell things on eBay. It sounds like a fun thing to try to do.

Jess has offered to pay for tickets so I can see her next week (10th-13th) and in exchange I'll give her the GBA I talked of. Following on from that, my Nan goes in for her operation on the 19th and she cannot have contact with other people for a month after it occurs due to the potentially damaging radiation that'd emanate from her - so we'll be looking after three dogs for a while. This may make the visit of Sel and Sarah an interesting one (from 24th to 27th) but I reckon it'll turn out well.

And after that, I'll meet more people, with luck. I've got things I can do, and I may as well travel while the weather's nice.

The ear's finally getting better. Isn't painful any more, though is still feeling like my head is partially underwater. Should sort itself out within days. I guess that'll teach me for trying to let these things heal by themselves - my body, I officially know you're rubbish at fighting infections. Boo to you. No wonder I have no qualms with ingesting unwholesome food into you.

Asti, there was a report in a newspaper that the minimum wage may rise to £6/hr in London/the South East, due to how stupidly expensive it is to live here. The problem is this is for over 21s only, as the old minimum wage has always been also. So you'll have to wait until you hit 22 before you can legally shout at the boss about it.

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