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Leave me be, I'm enjoying the jelly beans. Except the crapfruit ones.

I never like adapting. I like the simple life. Mum is hankering to redesign a room, and she's picking on my bedroom. She wants me to take a bed from the flat upstairs (basically, someone upstairs has moved out, and is giving up her home at the end of the month, so anything there is snaggable for us, hence the new light-fan-thing I have) that seems more like a playpen aimed at 10-year-olds. As the great Mr. T said, "I ain't sleeping in no crib, foo," or something like that anyway.

I had a bed I had to clamber up into when I was 12. I was paranoid of dying by asphyxiation, via the possibility of rising smoke if there was a fire in the flat. I was a rather paranoid child.

Earlier today, Nan signed herself up for a telephone account she doesn't need. She doesn't know what to do when telemarketers call; they want to hear an OK to tinker and my Nan will freely say to 'do whatever'. As a result, my uncle (who pays her phone bill) will end up getting charged £80 more a year. Nan called up excitedly about this offer to me, and I slowly put her in her place by repeating "Nan. That was an awfully bad thing to do. Do you understand?" despite her bickering that she can now call America for half the price she could before.

I like the simple life. Today there was a thunderstorm in the local area. I walked to the shops happily, and picked up a week's worth of food and carried it home - a round trip of three or four miles. It's always fun to challenge yourself with a rather manic escapade, but it was moreso this time, due to watching the lightning crash around me. En route to the shops, I walk through a small field. It's usually empty, and you can see the rat race in the distance, the gridlock, the cinema's neon lights in the distance... and it's quite calming to look on at it all in the relative silence and sparseness of this field.

You may have heard news that McDonalds have offered a StepometerTM! with their salads. Being one who likes numbers and who walks quite a bit, I snagged one of these things up - though leaving the salad for parents to eat, whilst 'enjoying' a Happy Meal for me (because at the same time, they're offering Sega Happy Meal electronic games as their toy du jour).

I have a phonecard to use up. I might make a PhonePost in the future. I'll try not to write a script for it though I know I will. Or I'll have bullet points to hand, so I don't deviate and ramble any further than necessary. I'll feel sorry for any transcribers.

And for those who enjoy a good old text/waddling adventure game, there's Homestar Runner's attempt - Peasant's Quest. It cheers me up that someone would spend so much time on something as disturbingly random as this. It's around 1.2mb so slower connections might have to wait a while, but go enjoy it! If you get stuck, ask for help via the medium of the comment - other people will be glad to help.

That's enough rambling for now.

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