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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Ways to entertain yourself with new toys.
Subliminal idiocy.
Jusquun: There's a man down our road who drives like a maniac, which is bad as our road isn't one to drive like a maniac on.
Jusquun: He's a short fat man who thinks because he's behind a Mercedes, he's the Messiah.
Jusquun: So on the way home today, I was messing around with a new camera I got, and I saw him ironing a shirt in the frontroom. In nothing but boxers.
Jusquun: So I set the camera to MEGA FLASH and snapped away.
Jusquun: He looked around out of the window wondering what the hell went on, and I'm happy that I've made him paranoid.

So, yeah. New toy of a simple cheap camera. Also got some nice new shoes for cheap. I'm all packed and ready to go to Jess' besides the games/DVDs I want to take. I'm heading up to Leicester until Friday, which'll be a nice change of pace after the last few weeks.

I intend to take the stepometer thing and see how much of a walk I really am capable of, to see how many steps there truly are from Enfield to Leicester. Yes, I am trying to find a way to entertain myself with the prospect of travelling through some very nasty weather.

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<HE-HE poor short fat man (Messiah).

I'll warn you now, he might know who you are!
Next time when you think your alone in the house you live at. He'll be larking around taking pictures of you, in which he'd sell on to sexy magazine like... the ones they sell in the newsagents, which I dare not to pick up.

In addition...

>> "Very Nasty Weather"!? I think you are mistaken there. Heavy Rain is simply the best. Especially when you wearing very little, and trying to rush to work, so you'll be on time. But MEH!
Have a Good Day.

Love KHA Xxx

I don't know what's more preposterous; the image of him waddling down the road, tripping over his treble chins to snap pictures of me - or the chance that those pictures of me would get into any magazine, sexy or otherwise.

Heavy rain is usually nice. I quite like the rain, in fact... well, except when I'm carrying electronic appliances. Then I have a mild sense of fear at what could happen. Not short-circuiting myself, but just... okay, it is short-circuiting myself.

However, my fear of very nasty weather was in fact the possibility of very humid weather whilst having to use the Underground. Warm, crowded areas aren't fun to circumnavigate in.

And to thee I say: Meh!

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