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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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The polish of a fading border.
Faux warrior
I went through a bit of an icon rehashing tonight. My clichéd Paint Shop Pro technique of the moment for me is a basic faded border. It's perfect for retouching icons that began to look a bit blasé to me. I may continue with this idea throughout my other icons, just to give them all a (generally) similar style.

Did you know I intended to play Disgaea today? I intended to on Sunday as well. I seem to never find the time for games recently, but I still maintain my collecting habits. I acquired Rez, Rayman 3 and Quantum Redshift in a 3 for £15 offer. I also went a little mad on play.com, deciding to order DVDs (Battle Royale and Quiz Show) along with Flipnic. Of those DVDs, the former was acquired to entertain Mms. reaperfox et ugerchucker for their visit next week, where we shall also see Jerry Springer: the Opera at some point.

To get cheap tickets for this show you need to head into London and book in advance. The ticketsellers have to confirm the ages of the people who will watch the show (people under 25 get fantastic seats at half price). Obviously, I am not three people, and as these two will not arrive until Tuesday, I have managed to rope two other people (Mms. asti et trudsss) to come along and get the tickets with me. Nothing like a bizarre plan and a chance to be in the centre of London with friends to amuse me. I'm a Super Happy Man tonight, or something.

On a more serious note, my Nan's going into hospital on Thursday for radiotherapy, and so I will not see her for a few weeks due to the potential radiation poisoning if I did attempt it. With this happening I will have more responsibilities and less ability to leave the house freely - with my nan's dogs living here for a month. This will leave thre canines in this flat, that panic when left alone. As a result, the solution is simple: do not leave the canines alone in the house at any time - meaning I shall stay indoors a lot over the next month.

Oh, I forgot to pass some info on as well. Jess, you know Jacob was saying he couldn't find Crazy Taxi 3 anywhere at all? There's at least three of them at the Enfield Gamestation (as in, not our shop, the multinational) - I suggest you get him to ask them to ship one up to the Leicester shop for him - they're only going for £20 as well. Or he can always order through their site, though that'd mean he'd have to use your card and I recall you saying you didn't want much else going on that.

I've had a few entertaining conversations tonight and after looking at a few more things I've downloaded tonight I'll be off to bed. I still have this foreboding feeling that I'm forgetting something really important somewhere along the lines, but damned if I know what that could be. Pfft.

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Interesting. Interesting converstaions, really? Interesting stuff you've downloaded, really? Off to bed so quick... *ponders thought*, yes I think you've forgotten to do something very important. What lines were they based on do you think? Not on the lines I'm thinking of? No?
Oh okay then, maybe you forgot to take your socks off... :S?
(I'm so helpful aren't I :D)

[okay i'll leave you alone, im just writing whatever comes in my head. Can you blaim me, Im at work and I just get £2:20 an hour! See im not worth what normal people are worth. maybe i'll have to sell myself on ebay to see how much I could get for myself. Then I'll know how much I am truly worth. Clothes off or clothes on? LMFAO hahaha!)
Hmm I'm starting to like the word worth....
I'm not worthy to recieve you, I'm worth cheese, worth my worm, worthy bliss, warm and the worth of money, moneys worth is low its inflatable. worth my bum chesse you silly arse.

Well. Hmm.

You're more excited than I am at this moment.

So Dean, what's happening tomorrow? Did you want us to pick you up a 'Form ticket or nicht? Don't worry if not; I understand the next day will be busy and worrying for you, so you can see it again with us another time (it runs til early November!)

Shall we meet outside the Odeon Leicester Sq around 4ish? You'll have to forgive me and TC if we're late, as we're taking the bus down and they're so unreliable, plus we've got a long walk from the National Theatre to there! I'll have my phone on me if you wanna contact. :)

I was wondering if you were gonna pop onto MSN so we could discuss this, but I'm glad you messaged - I was gonna text you at a stupid hour otherwise.

I'll be in London for the most part - especially the afternoon. However, I have to get back home for 8, so I can help sort things out in terms of getting everything together for Nan. So unless the show finishes before then, which from what I can work out isn't the truth, I'll have to pout and say nay to this.

I'll bring my mobile too. Did you know the phoneboxes have gone up to 30p a call? When they were 20p I didn't mind, it was tolerable. Now? Pfft. Sod that.

I can't - MSN's acting strangely on this here computer at the mo' for me. :/ Aaahhh, tis a shame, I think you'd like this. ;) Nevermind, you'll certainly like Jerry Springer! Btw, are you friends staying with you til Friday? I was just wondering, in case we can't get you good seats for the Wednesday. Heh, you'd better pray that David Soul is on that day...;) These singer/actor-types are notorious!

No, I didn't know that! Bloody cheek. I hardly ever use them though, thankfully.

Any other programs you can download so we can chat? Trillian ( www.trillian.com ) lets you use all the chat programs in one, that might help.

They're here from Tuesday afternoon (obviously too late to get tickets for that performance) till Friday afternoon. So only Wednesday or Thursday will do.

And if David Soul isn't in on this day, Hell may actually break loose.

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