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Harry follows the god of toilets, and why you shouldn't do bad things.

During a time when everyone else went to bed for a little while, Harry decided to get active, taking toys around the house. I didn't think anything of it until I went into the bathroom and there were a half-dozen toys in there. That's... not normal.

I also went about deleting random things on this computer. Not good. I managed to delete an old username I never use on this computer any more. Apparently by doing that I deleted a file which the computer was using to decide which services to start up (via Control Panel - Administration Tools) and I only just got my net connection working again by working out which services had to be restarted to get my connection going. It was an interesting afternoon, at least.

I'm glad I figured that out without having to pass the PC to the shop. Still, what I was disappointed about was my attempt to get Shaun of the Dead onto a DVD so I could show Americans how good it is. Instead, the sound comes out ten seconds than it should do, in relation to the pictures. Alas, that's now three DVDs I've turned to coasters from not understanding how to do it all properly yet. I will learn, eventually, maybe.

I feel a bit disgruntled that I've got to head into work later than usual, due to looking after dogs. Not too much later, but still a pain in the neck. Still, past that things are starting to sort themselves out. Nan seems quite well besides the loneliness for now. I hope she keeps cheerful while she's effectively quarantined.

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