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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Vibri marches onwards!

See the brooding lust between a wood carver who previously brought a marionette to life, and the gold bust of a man who strived for a Communist Russia.

Let me get home and I might even explain why.

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Hello :) Oddly enough I stumbled upon your journal when looking for people living in Enfield. I'm currently living in the US but am moving to Enfield in 2 weeks and wanted to check out some people in the area! I know very little about it, I fear.

We seem to have some interests in common and although I cannot at all promise you I am interesting or worth a moment of your time, I am asking permission to come aboard :)

I assume you're heading to a uni over here for a specific course; this isn't a place you just move to from New York.

Enfield's not a bad place. It's got enough rural components to keep you calm with the bristling London life very close when you want to be excited. It's starting to suffer a little as the unpleasant way of life in Edmonton seeps into the city, but it's still a very nice place to live.

Some interests in common, some very different - but all are welcome.

Ah yes, a year abroad at Middlesex U. Should prove interesting, if anything else.

From what I have seen and heard of Enfield it seems like a decent place. I've not ever been that far North of central London before so it will be different. Is there much to do in the area without having to travel? I promise after this, my sickeningly tourist-like questions will cease.

Thanks very much for adding!

Well, it's not a bad university. You should have fun.

There's basic local things to entertain, but you may have to pop into central London for proper entertainment, depending on what you're after. There's a cinema, a nightclub (though being of the blander personality I've never gone there) and a shopping centre in the town, with two train stations offering routes into London if you do get bored.

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