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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Nobody told me September would be an expensive month!
Faux warrior
Man, things have snuck up on me here, haven't they?

Wario Ware Inc and Ribbit King on the 3rd, Shaun of the Dead on the 6th, Burnout 3 on the 10th.

That's nearly £90 I could spend without thinking this month.

I sense I will be resisting temptations for September, or alternatively selling things off.

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I could add The Sims 2 to that list. Well, Sammy could.

Pfft. If I want to control people, I'll take over the world.

That's a fair point. However, as my girlfriend harbours no such ambitions (can't say the same for me, though) she'll happily settle for taking over a small virtual family in it's small virtual house.

love your avvie!!

(Disgaea is so GOOD!! *glee*)

The first to notice!

You win my love!

Well, not really. But you win... something.

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