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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Deals and dramatics!
Morose little bugger
I've still not talked about the time with Sarah and Sel (and even Liam and his friends to some extent). I expect I'll keep it as a personal thing, rather than gush about it. It's something I am struggling to put into words, to be honest. A lot of in-jokes and bizarre circumstances, and pleasant company.

I have learnt several things from their visit, however:
  • Do not eat a lot of licorice and then expect to enjoy the idea of travelling on the underground.

  • Jerry Springer: The Opera is more puerile than you can imagine, but so thoroughly amusing - I would recommend it to others. David Soul, however, is a grumpy man until alcohol sooths him.

  • Bishi Bashi Special always gets the same reaction from anyone who plays the game for the first time. Twenty minutes of moderate confusion, before laughter and great amusement.

  • It is easy to amuse people who aren't used to urban life: a clock projected onto a floor in Enfield Town caused gawps from the ladies.

  • Sel hasn't seen every Bruce Willis film yet.

  • And lastly, even shopping lists can be uncertain.
I apologise if some of that makes no sense at all. As I say, in-jokes.

I notice Game solve one problem of mine (and this may be of use to any of you UK chaps/chapesses out there) as you can exchange five current-generation games in (besides football/wrestling titles) for any new game. I expect I will find five shoddy titles around my shop and take them to random London Games.

I only made one significant acquisition while Sarah and Sel were here, and I now possess a Death of Rats. I have this to give to Bob, for I have not seen him in months and I know his birthday has passed. I feel awful for this, but yet also paranoid due to how long I have left it to contact him again. I really must do something before he moves away and I don't see him again. I've been very stupid about this. Very stupid. This will be amended. However, I've grown to love the Grim Squeaker looking at me and may need to purchase a second for myself.

In other news, isn't it great to use a deadpan tone of voice towards idiots? Jack Dee will have to teach a thing or two about comedy to more of my non-British LJ friends, via the medium of poor-quality mp3 files. As the link shows, you're welcome to see him perform for you personally, for 25 grand or so. Anyway, I was using this dry weapon towards dim kids who didn't understand that a tag saying "This is ON LOAN" meant, and the epic repercussions that meant, no, they couldn't rent out America's 10 Most Wanted. As an obvious aside for those who read the 'story' past the link, it's a shame So Solid Crew can't be shot.

(Actually, that link to Jack Dee - that site with performers for hire... wouldn't it be a great way to go? I mean, if you knew your time was coming, instead of saving the money for the mercenaries also known as the next of kin, you could spend some money on a comedian and get a good laugh before you go.)

Do you remember the Gepetto x Stalin incident? There was a whole joke about it, but it has caused my brain to veer off into a potentially tragic Disney tale. Film noir, but with some subtle Disney-esque pun. It can't be any worse than the sequels Disney are planning.

Anyway, the synopsis: Gepetto, after watching Pinocchio grow up and do the typical teenage thing where he storms off and away on a quest of discovery, is left sad and alone again, in his small shack. Every night, his dreams remind him of the one time when he put his all into one piece of work, and it somehow came to exist. The story would then revolve around his futile attempts to make other wooden creations come to life, to accompany him during the last few years of his life. As time flutters by Gepetto becomes more and more dismayed. He's lost the magic that brought Pinocchio to life, and gets angry at his creations, smashing them up in rage. He begins to wander around local towns and cities, trying to display love to the plaques, the statues, the paintings, anything to get a spark of life. Gepetto forgets of his fellow race, shunning them like they always had him, and continues to try to find love in strange places, with inanimate objects. He dies alone with nothing but a Russian Doll which he put messages of love inside, after he gives up in trying to bring the inanimate objects to life, he gives up on life - and becomes an inanimate object instead.

Stalin's gold bust would definitely have to be a key component of the film though, and the main love interest.

Today I meet Jess and her family in London, and work in the evening. Thursday I meet Louise. This is quite a busy 36 hours for me.

Meaning I should sleep.

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Licorice sucks.

And why is Louise meeting you all of a sudden?


You plan on seducing him?

She did very well at it!

2 for 1 ticket offer. She also lives locally and shares an interest in games. It was meant to be, man!

PS What's New York acting like over the 22-0 Yankees collapse? The Yankees are generally the side everyone likes to see lose, is that right?

This is precisely how much I want to see Jerry Springer: The Opera: very much. Anything which involves Stewart Lee is bound to be great.

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