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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Woke up early, had to hang around for Cliff to return before I set off into London to see Jess. By hanging around I wasted time I could have been sleeping, and this had caught up with me in remarkable fashion by the end of the evening, where I had a bland Wednesday night shift (effectively as close to a graveyard shift as the shop gets) trying to keep myself awake.

After train problems and a bus route being deviated, I found myself making a different route to meet Jessica and family in Camden. I eventually found them outside Cyberdog, and watched the lot of them bumble around, seeing them enjoying the vibrance of the area all amused me and reminded me of how much fun I had the first time I went there. I then showed them where Forbidden Planet was in the Tottenham Court Road area, and finally had to repeatedly call some of the family members who'd wandered away without telling the others. It was a rather bizarre afternoon, to be quite honest.

I guess I don't have much love for Camden itself these days. Been there, done that so many times now.

Anyway. I got to work a little late and could not convince anyone to even work a little bit of the shift, trying to tempt with all of my wages for that night for working from 9 to 10, meaning someone could have got over £15 an hour for retail work. Their loss, I guess. In the end, one of the neighbours around here popped into the shop and I let him watch whatever he wanted and play whatever he wanted from the shop side of the counter, and his company kept me awake. I also took in a rare game which I have since bought for myself, and eBay will soon see it.

Tomorrow I go to the Game:Stars thingy. I wanted to get some more memory into my camera to take clips of things, and pictures of footage. And pictures of myau spitting at the EA stand.

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The novelty of Camden has worn off for me, too. Get some rest! Don't stay up all night! *Shove*

I loved Camden, then again I would say that. I've only been there once.

I'm not sure if it's always been like it, but to me, Camden seems all rather... same-ish. The novelty of the bizarre architecture and general vibe of the place tends to wear off on me after a few minutes, and it's just another place...

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