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From the trip with myau to the ExCeL Centre to see the Game Stars exhibition, I have taken some interesting opinions in. The nicest part of the day was finally meeting her. I didn't pick the best of places to meet her, mind - I assumed the Docklands Light Railway was an above ground railway service - in fact, it is predominantly above ground. You can work out what happened by that almost ironic use of the italic tag. Still, we found each other at an above ground station partway along the route to the ExCeL Centre, and the good times rolled from there.

As for the games... I didn't expect to find so many interesting Xbox games in the pipeline, I'm actually glad I got the console now.

For the Xbox, the highlights were:
Prince of Persia 2 - it was strange how natural the controls felt after attempting the original on a PS2; while exploring sections in the demo it was obvious the game had picked moments you were meant to gawp at - but the trick worked. I really appreciated the crisper graphics and the little touches that the Xbox could do over the PS2.
Pro Evolution Soccer 4 - it felt so much nicer on an Xbox pad than the game ever has on PS2, too - the action felt a little more fluid, although the series still... has this feel of blandness that simulates realism. I'd prefer that over the EA Fifa series with its showboating and truly American style that ensures 0-0 draws are close to impossible, mind.
Outrun 2 - simply the most fun title at the show. I didn't realise how quickly time flew by while I played that. I also caused a reaction from myau when she saw me "complete" the game via most difficult route, and she also had some guy get upset at her due to her having several goes in a row at it. Pfft, as a decent Sega game at the show, us zealots had to rave over it.
Forza Motorsport - it featured some impressive physics and car damage at the moment, a Dodge Viper became a box on wheels after I raced with it. Once the collision detection is incorporated, that could be really very good.

For the Gamecube:
Tales of Symphonia was the only thing to really capture my interest, with an interesting battle structure that looks like it might be fun to experiment with. However, I've a plethora of RPGs to go through so I'll wait until I see that second-hand before nabbing it, I imagine.
Past that, there were nice Nintendo sequels - Metroid Prime 2, Paper Mario 2 and Pikmin 2 all looked interesting enough that I'll care more when they get close to being released, but I'm not overly excited for these titles like I expected myself to be.

On the Gameboy:
The new Zelda title didn't feel fun to play in the slightest, though it could have been the limited area I was stuck to, having to collect rupees and kinstones: the structure of excessive collecting made me feel like I was playing Starfox Adventures, a feeling I don't want to persevere with again.

Nintendo's big song and dance of the day was for Donkey Konga. Just not my type of thing. Looking at the controllers I have I note that excess peripherals that're required (even when offered with the game) seem to put me off a game. Never touched a light gun game past renting Duck Hunt, no fishing games, no Samba de Amigo, no Steel Batallion, no Donkey Konga interest. The closest I got to caring was attempting to get into Seaman, but getting irked with it within a week or so - and I expect that was only because the microphone was easily plugged into the controller.

The PS2 had surprisingly little that was unique to the console that was interesting. I can't think of a single thing that was on display for it that I really cared for.

Lastly, as the least important point about games shows: the lower-key the exhibition, the less women in revealing clothing there are, getting paid to pout and pose to intrigue the predominantly male gamers. As I only saw about five of these women this time, you can imagine how low-key the exhibition was on a global scale.

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